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Dream: what does the turtle dream about

Quite often we, in addition to someinanimate objects, and living beings also dream. In this article, we decided to find out what the dream turtle means. To find out the answer, let us turn to a few of the most complete and popular dream books of our time for help.

what does the turtle dream about

What does the turtle dream about?: Russian dream book

As is known, the tortoise is a symbolwisdom and longevity, and sluggishness, slowness and slowness. If you had a turtle, you may experience some obstacles and delay in affairs because of someone's laziness and inertia. If you are walking in a dream with a turtle, then you will have a long and happy life. If you are dreaming of a water turtle, then in real life you should have patience, because you will have a period of long waiting. Feeding turtles in a dream is a sign that you support does not really need it man, and idler and dependents.

dream turtle

What does the turtle dream about?: a large universal dream book

This dream book states that a dream in whichis a harbinger of some very interesting event in your life. If you dream that you are eating tortoise soup, then you are waiting for entertainment of a rather dubious nature. Riding on a sea turtle is a bright symbol of the anxiety that is bothering you, which not only does not give you peace of mind, but also disturbs your loved ones. Therefore, try to look at life from an optimistic point of view, since there is no serious reason for anxiety. If you are watching a crawling tortoise in a dream, then try to restrain your explosive nature in everyday life, which can lead to health problems.

dreamed a turtle

What does the turtle dream about?: dream book from A to Z

A dreamed turtle is a harbingerlost time and broken plans: a long vain waiting for something, standing in long lines, being late for an important event or breaking a meeting. If you are riding a turtle, then you are expected to unreasonable and ridiculous charges and suspicions from your spouse or loved one. If the turtle in your dream lies on your back and can not turn over in any way, then your efforts in some business may be in vain. The dead turtle foreshadows separation from someone close.

What does the turtle dream about?: an intimate dream book

This dream book treats a dream turtle asa sign of an unexpected slowdown in the fulfillment of your plans and desires. If this applies to the implementation of your sexual fantasies, then this may be prevented by any prejudice or upbringing. If you dream about a turtle turned upside down, it could mean changing your plans and intentions due to the influence of a person whose opinion you really value.

What does a tortoise dream about: an Islamic dream book

This dream book states that the appearance of a turtle in a dream is a very good sign, foreshadowing a long and prosperous life. If you eat turtle meat, you will gain an invaluable experience or money.

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