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Dream Interpretation: What Honey Dreams About

We all know that honey is not only veryuseful natural product, rich in vitamins and trace elements, but also has an excellent taste, thanks to which it is used with pleasure both in pure form and as an additive to various dishes. And what if this fruit of hard work was imprinted on us during sleep? Learn about the interpretation of such dreams, turning to help the most popular and complete dream-books, we offer today.

what does honey dream about

What does honey dream about?: dream book of Gustavus Miller

According to the interpretation of this source, honeyis a symbol of the fact that soon you will gain financial prosperity, and perhaps even get rich. If you see a strained product, you will be successful, but some unfulfilled dreams and desires will not give you peace. If you are eating honey in a dream, then there will be prosperity both in business and in love.

What does honey dream about?: the dream book of Freud

Honey, bought at the market, symbolizesmonotony in sexual life. It is possible that you are happy with this situation, but if you bring something new into your relationship with a partner, you will not regret it for a minute. If you eat fresh honey in a dream, then in an intimate life everything develops as well as possible. Sacred candied product means that you attach too much importance to your own financial well-being.

dream book

An ancient French dream book: what does honey dream about

According to the interpretation of this dream book, the dreamHoney should be regarded as an omen of future bad news. Also, one must beware of false promises and deceit. If you eat honey in a dream, then you will have a successful completion of an initiated business or an interesting and unforgettable trip.

What does honey dream about?: Russian dream book

This source regards honey as a symbol of successand well-being. Especially great luck should be expected if you dreamed of a whole barrel of a beautiful and fragrant product. If you see combs with bees, then in business you have chosen the right direction, moving in which you will certainly achieve success. A broken barrel of honey symbolizes the future disappointment and sadness.

what does honey dream about

What does honey dream about?: dream book from A to Z

If you dream that you have caught a cold and drinktea with honey, then you are expected to love, honor and respect from all members of the family and close people. Open a jar of honey - a warning about the chance to make good money, which will drop out to you in the near future. Try not to miss this opportunity. Cells with bees symbolize the need to be responsible for the actions of their children or their younger relatives. Sugared honey promises well-being, which, however, will be overshadowed by a load of losses and losses. If you buy fresh honey at the market, then by your own determination you will achieve success and gain great love. The purchase of an artificial product promises disappointment and loss.

Why dream about eating honey: dream book of lovers

If a man in love dreams that he is eating honey, then the relationship with the other half will always be filled with joy and love.

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