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Dream Interpreter. Interpretation: what does a trifle dream about (money)

Why dream about trifles? Money is considered to be a measure of prosperity. Their dignity in a dream most often speaks of the scale of the foregoing events. Each source interprets this dream in different ways. However, for proper interpretation, one should pay attention to all the circumstances and details of sleep.

Why is dreaming a trifle of money
The 21st Century Dream Interpreter

If a person sees a trifle in a dream, waking it upwaiting for unforeseen costs. Copper money stares to empty chores and deceit. If a person hears a ringing of small coins in a dream, in reality he can get involved in some unprofitable enterprise. To see the brilliance of trifles - to deceit.

Eastern dream book: why dream about a trifle (money)

This dream foreshadows tears.

The symbolic dream book

Small coins symbolize some insignificance. This dream can portend small acquisitions, deeds, relationships.

Russian dream book: what is a dream

Money in dreams symbolizes well-being. Therefore, everything here, as in life. If a person takes off large bills, this is a good sign. And when small coins are seen in a dream, the sleeper should not expect big profits and major acquisitions.

Why dream of a trifle
Idiomatic dream book

A trifle in a dream symbolizes something insignificant and petty.

Interpreter of dreams of modern woman

Coins of little dignity are dreamed of minor troubles in business and family, as well as dissatisfaction.

A dream book from A to Z: why do you dream about a trifle (money)

A trifle presages the sleeping family troublespleasant character. If a person swallows coins in a dream, then he will have an unhealthy interest in reality. Spit them back - to thrift and practicality. Small coins of silver in a dream mean that dreams of a dreamer do not come true. A bag of copper pennies shows that a sleeper can quickly achieve serious business success, if he is not afraid to take a reasonable risk. However, he needs to react quickly to any changes in the market situation.

The dream of the future

When a person dreams of small coins, in official matters, he may have problems and troubles that will cause dissatisfaction. This also applies to personal relationships and family.

Esoteric dream book

Small money in a dream in real life predicts losses to a person.

Miller's dream: why dream of a trifle

Small coins foretell different kindstroubles, as well as dissatisfaction with themselves and the progress of affairs. Favorite, friends and relatives will complain that the sleeper gives them little attention. When a person considers a trifle in a dream, in reality he will be very rational, thrifty and practical. The loss of small money foreshadows a failure and a slightly disdainful attitude towards his person.

Dream interpretation of what is dreaming of a trifle

Sonny Hasse

When the sleeper sees small coins, his financial expenses are waiting for him.

Wanderer's Dreambook

Small coins symbolize minor deeds and events: projects, achievements, personal relationships, small luck. For women, this dream portends wooing, which does not deserve attention.

A modern dream book. TO what is a dream of a trifle (money)

If a person dreams that he has many smallbanknotes or coins, in reality it spends its forces and time on resolving a mass of minor problems. This greatly irritates the sleeper. Recalculate the trifle and understand that there is a lack of several coins for some purchase - in reality to achieve stability in the material plan. The sleeper will always know the value of money. A favorable sign is a dream in which a person gives a trifle to the poor.

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