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Dream Interpretation: What is the dream of a forest

In childhood, people perceive the forest as a kind ofa mysterious place inhabited by various fairy-tale characters. In adults, the forest is associated with a walk in the open air, the opportunity to pick up mushrooms or just have a good time in the bosom of nature. What if the forest was dreamed of in our dreams? Let's try to answer this question by applying for the interpretation of such dreams at once to several well-known dream-books.

what does the forest dream about

What is the dream of a forest: Gustav Miller's Dream Book

According to the interpretation of this dream book, the dreamyears symbolizes the coming changes in business. If the trees in the forest are covered with green young foliage, then a successful turn of events awaits you, if trees fall from the trees, the changes will go against your plans and desires. A forest fire predicts the successful completion of a business, success and even, perhaps, the acquisition of wealth. If you dream that you wander in a dense and gloomy forest for a long time, then disagreements with relatives and troubles at work are expected. If at the same time you are frozen and hungry, then soon you will have a very unpleasant and burdensome trip. The dead and withered forest promises future sorrows and disappointments.

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What is the dream of a forest: Dream Hasset

If in a dream in the distance you see a forest, then in yourlife is possible the onset of sad events. A dense, dark and impassable forest symbolizes the impossibility of achieving success in some kind of initiated business. A walk through the beautiful forest promises numerous pleasures and pleasures. Cutting trees in the woods is hard work to achieve prosperity.

Intimate dream book: what is the dream of a forest

A dreamed walk in the forest symbolizesneed to rest and spend some time alone. It is possible that an overabundance of communication with both loved ones and outsiders does not give you the opportunity to understand yourself: in your feelings, emotions and desires. If in a dream you get lost in the forest and can not get out in any way, in the near future a close person will cause your feelings a heavy and unexpected blow.

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What is the dream of a forest: Dream for lovers

Dream forest with trees covered with greenfoliage, promises the soonest embodiment of a dream of a successful marriage and a happy family life. The dead forest is the harbinger of disappointment and failure in love.

What is the dream of a forest: Dream from A to Z

If you dream at a distance of the forest, thenSoon you will be overtaken by sadness and longing for long gone times. If you are in a dark, scary forest, you will not be able to finish the job that has been started. Walking through the forest, during which you collect mushrooms or berries, promises great pleasure from attending a social event. To wander through the spring forest, collecting the first flowers, to a happy family life. Summer forest on a sunny day predicts a successful turn in business. If you were in the forest in the autumn and your eyes were exposed to trees with falling multicolored foliage, then in the business sphere you may face a conflict of interests. To be in the winter forest - to problems with work and financial difficulties. Why do we have a fire in the forest? Such a dream symbolizes an early successful implementation of all plans and undertakings.

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