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Acrylic dentures: advantages and disadvantages, reviews

Acrylic dentures (dental) on the dentalmarket occupy a leading place and are more popular among patients. Affordable cost and excellent quality are the main advantages of this product. The product can be used for full adentia or for the restoration of one tooth.

Design Features

Acrylic designs are the mosta common type of prosthetics. They are made using sophisticated technology. First, injection molding is carried out, then the acrylic plastics are modified, and a denture is obtained.

Acrylic prostheses are amazingproperties. They retain their color, density and shape for a long time. Artificial teeth are produced in sets that can also be different. Therefore, for each patient, a dentist can choose an individual variant.

acrylic dentures

Varieties of products

Acrylic prosthesis can be divided into several main types.

  1. Complete. Can be used if the tooth is completely absent. There is only one small drawback: in the absence of teeth, the prosthesis is not very securely attached.
  2. Conditionally removable. They are attached to the implant, implanted earlier. They differ in reliable fixation and excellent quality.
  3. Partial. Can be established only if there is at least one tooth left in the oral cavity. He will act as a support, to which the prosthesis will be attached.

The doctor selects the type of prosthesis, depending on the problem with which to address the patient.


Main advantages

Dental prostheses, which are made of acrylic plastic, have the following advantages:

  • suitable for patients of any age category;
  • prostheses are installed very quickly, with a dentist it takes no more than 15-20 minutes;
  • they are easy to take off and put on back, so it will not be difficult to do it yourself at home;
  • in the process of chewing a person does not feel discomfort, the load is evenly distributed over the oral cavity;
  • the shade of the prosthesis can be as close to natural as possible, the surrounding people will never guess that you have artificial teeth;
  • weight of the denture from acrylic is small, therefore, the product is practically not felt in the mouth;
  • the cost is affordable for everyone, which is now very rare for dental services;
  • If the prosthesis is broken, it is not worth worrying, for the reason that it is easy to repair.

Some shortcomings

Despite all the advantages listed above,The removable acrylic denture is not an impeccable construction. Before the patient decides to establish himself this, one must know about some of his shortcomings, so that later he does not face unpleasant surprises.

  1. Plastic acrylic has a porous structure. Over time, the prosthesis begins to collect plaque, which leads to the development of inflammatory processes in the oral cavity.
  2. When wearing a prosthesis, you can get a mucous membrane injury.
  3. If the prosthesis made of acrylic is worn forFor a long time, this will negatively affect the condition of the body. The fact is that the material releases substances that contribute to the development of an allergic reaction.
  4. There is caries and other dental diseases if it is premature not to change the prosthesis and not look after it.

Nylon or acrylic: which is better

Very often patients ask dentists aboutWhich dentures are better - nylon or acrylic? In fact, both sides have their positive and negative sides. We will analyze them in the table.

Solid frameThe material is elastic, it fits well to the gums
Keeps shape for a long timeOver time, it begins to deform
Plaque accumulatesDoes not absorb odors, plaque does not form
With prolonged use, it releases toxins that can harm the bodyDoes not release toxins
Available for everyone costVery high price
You can use a special glue to ensure a better fixationAdhesive can not be used

Choose prosthesis should be based on the individual characteristics of the oral cavity and the whole body.

Basic rules of care

To acrylic dentures lasted long, they must be constantly looked after. The presented recommendations and tips will prompt you how to do it correctly.

  1. After the prosthesis is installed, it is not recommended to remove it from the mouth for several days. This is necessary in order for a person to get used to construction more quickly.
  2. When you are completely accustomed to the prosthesis, remove it every night, then carefully clean it with a special solution for disinfection.
  3. It is very important to clean the structure at least 2 times a day.
  4. Regularly visit the dentist to check the integrity of the product.
  5. Try not to eat too hard food.
  6. If the acrylic dentures are broken, you should immediately contact the dentist and fix them.

 removable acrylic prosthesis

Vertex semi-rigid prosthesis

Not so long ago a new acrylic prosthesis Vertex appeared on the dental market. According to reviews it is clear that the quality of the design is really impressive.

Advantages of the new design:

  • does not absorb odors;
  • does not contain toxic substances;
  • reliable and durable, tightly fixed;
  • does not absorb moisture.

The product is presented in four shades. A dentist selects the perfect color for each patient individually.

acrylic dentures

Acrylic dentures: reviews

Patients' comments about acrylic prostheses can beto meet different. Some say that the design contributes to the appearance of an unpleasant odor in the oral cavity. Others say that to the prostheses of acrylic just need a little getting used, then they will not interfere.

However, with one fact everyone agrees - they are strong and reliable, they serve for a long time. In addition, with proper and timely care can get rid of the unpleasant odor.

acrylic denture reviews

If you have a problem with the teeth thatobliges to put dentures, then it will be best to choose a removable acrylic construction. An experienced dentist will individually select a shade, install the prosthesis so that you will not feel it at all.

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