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Cover dentures will give you a dazzling smile

Cover dentures today are very popular and convenient. After all, they contain magnetic and other structures, elastic fasteners, which secure the prosthesis well during chewing and at rest.

covering dentures
Cover dentures dentists recommendwith a fracture of the dental crown, in the case of a lack of teeth in the oral cavity, if there is a need for amputation of the crown part of the tooth and with a significant erasure of hard tissues.

It is small, light and functionaldesign. Cover dentures are made of plastic, there are combined samples (plastic + nylon). Sometimes, for strength, they can be reinforced with a clasp frame or metal mesh.

Cover dentures are located on the crownsor roots. They consist of a patrician and a castle. The most qualitative are prostheses having at least three locks. But if financial opportunities are limited, then two locks are used quite successfully.

There is one necessary condition for the installation of such prostheses - the presence of solitary roots. It should be remembered that the installation of cover prostheses has contraindications:

  • impaired blood clotting;
  • diabetes;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • disorders of the nervous and immune systems.

nylon dentures price

Cover dentures (as, indeed, theiranalogs) have certain drawbacks. This is a high cost and complex care. But such artificial bridges perfectly solve the problem of preventing severe tissue atrophy.

If you decide to install denturesremovable, the price of which is high enough, you should know that their cost is calculated personally for each patient. The price consists of a list of works performed.

In nylon dentures, the basic material for them is elastic pink nylon. Prostheses of this type have undeniable advantages:

  • high aesthetics;
  • hypoallergenicity.

They are often called "invisible prostheses" because ofthe absence of metal clasps in the smile line, as it is, for example, with prosthesis clasp or plastic. Such "invisible" can be used even if the patient is allergic to acrylic plastic.

dentures removable price
Good nylon dentures, the price of them,however, much higher than on acrylic plastic. For example, the cost of one acrylic is about 6-7 thousand rubles. The same nylon denture will cost you 25 thousand rubles or more.

Patients need to know that the lack of teethis not only an aesthetic problem. There are severe atrophic processes in the muscles and jaws. This leads to violations of mimic and chewing muscles. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out prosthetics in a timely manner. This will save the patient from many problems. If there is no possibility to put a crown on the native tooth, in this case it is necessary to install a cover prosthesis.

Do not delay your visit to the doctor. In the arsenal of modern dentists there are many effective ways that will help to cope with any, the most difficult problem.

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