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Nylon dentures: reviews

Happy is the man who lived until old ageand managed to keep his natural teeth. Now this is a great rarity. Even children and young people lose their permanent teeth. The reason for this is ecology, injuries and so on. Removable nylon dentures - a new trend in the field of dental prosthetics.

This is a relatively inexpensive and affordable method for everyoneprosthetics. Moreover, it is much safer for the human body than acrylic or plastic prosthesis. Such a prosthesis is much more convenient in the oral cavity, does not cause discomfort, is practically not felt by the patient. Nylon prosthesis is much thinner and lighter than its plastic counterpart. Without exerting pressure on the gum and supporting teeth, it is convenient and practical, as evidenced by numerous reviews of nylon prostheses from patients. Flexible nylon denture is made for partial and complete absence of dentition and perfectly holds on the gum. And the main thing is that there are practically no contraindications for such prostheses.

We offer you to read the information "Nylonprostheses: reviews "in order to make for themselves the most accurate idea of ​​what a person feels that already uses such prostheses.

"My name is Maria Grigorievna, I'm 65 years old,pensioner. I have long since lost almost all my teeth. The reason for this was diabetes. I could not make myself a removable prosthesis, because there were contraindications due to illness. But not so long ago I heard from a friend that now they make removable nylon dentures. I did not quite understand what it was. But she consulted her doctor. He said that I have no contraindications for such material. I did not even believe it. Do I have teeth in my mouth now? Appealed to the recommended clinic, I was consulted. There were no problems with prosthetics or with the price. Everything suited. And now for a month, I am a happy owner of a beautiful smile. Moreover, the prosthesis does not cause me any trouble. The first time was a bit unusual, since for many years I had only four teeth in my mouth. Now I'm so used to them that I do not even take pictures for the night. I'm just happy! I can now eat an apple or a piece of cheese, but before that it was necessary to grind everything on a grater. Now we make them to my husband. He will certainly write in the column "Nylon dentures: reviews" about their impressions of their wearing. "

"I am only 27 years old, but because of an automobile accidentalmost all teeth were lost. The case is sad. So young, but absolutely without teeth. But a lot of money was spent on treatment, so there was no money for expensive prosthetics. Somehow I got an essay about nylon dentures, reviews of those who use them. I read it with interest, especially people's comments, and decided to use it. Now I can say with absolute certainty that my life has completely changed. Absence of teeth reminded me constantly about the accident, now no complexes and a beautiful smile! Thank you!"

"I have used removable dentures for many years,if, of course, it can be called use. It was a nightmare. My teeth were more on the shelf in the glass than in my mouth. They gave me a lot of problems and inconveniences, so I felt better without them. Once my wife gave me to read about nylon dentures, I liked people's comments about them. I was interested. I wanted to try this innovation. Is it all, as described? I went to the clinic. Payment suited me well, and even got a share. Now I calmly wear nylon dentures, sometimes I even forget that I have them. I can now eat everything that I want, not just wiped and cooked. My wife said that I had a seductive smile. I have not heard this in thirty years! Such wonderful changes have occurred in my life. "

This is a new technology for the manufacture of prostheses. The material does not cause allergic reactions. Aesthetic translucent appearance makes them virtually indistinguishable from the color of the gums. This technology allows the prosthesis to gently and firmly hold on the gum. To remove it is necessary only for cleaning.

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