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Removable dentures without the sky. Care of removable dentures

Removable prosthetics has long been used in dentistry. As you know, experts recommend it only in those cases when for any reasons it is impossible to use implantation.

removable dentures without palate

General information

Modern prosthesis is quite different fromthose that were made several decades ago. At the moment, these structures have greater strength and durability. It is also worth noting that, due to the convenience of wearing, today, removable dentures without palate are especially common. We will devote this article to such constructions.

What are the differences?

After recommending that it is better to useremovable dentures without the palate, patients often have a question about how they differ from the usual ones? The fact is that partial or complete plate constructions are made of plastic. In addition, they use metal, with which special fasteners are made. As a result, the denture is very light, but it takes up too much space in the mouth. After all, this design completely covers the sky and rests on the gum. As a result of using such prostheses, a person may have noticeable problems with diction. It is also worth noting that most patients complain and that they have to get used to quite a long time.

care for dentures removable

In turn, removable dentures without the palate(or clasp) are very different from lamellar and are more comfortable to wear. However, there are still similar aspects of the two constructions presented. Thus, removable dental prostheses without the sky are also allowed to be removed from time to time. In addition, these structures, as well as behind the lamellar, require careful and careful care. But more on this later.


The dental prosthesis without the palate is an arcuateframe, which is made of light alloy. Due to this the design is very light, compact and durable. One can not ignore the fact that such a prosthesis can be installed in the mouth as if partially or completely lost its own teeth. In the latter case, only the fastening technology changes.

Preparation of the patient

To install removable dentures without the sky,The dentist is obliged to carry out all the necessary preparatory measures, which are aimed at processing the available teeth and directly removing the measurements for the construction.

removable dentures without palate

So, first of all the doctor should grind everythingpreserved own teeth of the patient. If their number is enough to firmly fix the prosthesis without the sky, then they become part of the design. If the patient completely lacks his teeth, the dentist implants several artificial ones into the alveolar bone of the jaw. This procedure is extremely necessary, otherwise the prosthesis will have nothing to hold on, accordingly, its installation will become impossible.

After all the teeth are carefully turned,they are covered with permanent crowns, which are made of various metals, as well as zirconium oxide. In dental practice, such products are called primary elements of telescopic crowns.

Prosthesis without palate production

After the installation of primary metal crownsthe doctor removes all necessary measures for the further production of the structure. Further in the dental laboratory, with the help of special equipment, they create removable prostheses without a palatine element for the upper jaw or without a hyoid arc for the lower jaw.

dental prosthesis without palate
As is known, for such purposes the samematerials, as for the design with the sky (ceramic, acrylic, nylon). Depending on their types, as well as on the quality of manufacturing and other factors, a good clasp prosthesis can cost between 20-40 thousand rubles, or even more.

Installation of a prosthesis without the sky

After the prosthesis is ready, it is firmlyfix secondary elements of telescopic crowns. This procedure is carried out using soldering or a special adhesive solution. In the end, a removable denture is put on the teeth by combining the primary and secondary crowns. Thus, a firm fixation of the prosthesis in the mouth is achieved. It should be noted that this process resembles the principle of a telescope, which consists of several cylinders of practically the same diameter. Due to such dimensions, the connecting tubes do not leave a gap between them, which makes their fit strong, but at the same time they are easily removable.


Dental prostheses, removable partially and completely, without palatine insertions and hyoid arc, have the following advantages:

prosthesis without palate

  • the patient can communicate freely and emotionally, as well as comfortably eat;
  • there is no pressure on the root of the tongue, which prevents the appearance of a vomiting reflex;
  • There is no dry mouth, since the salivary ducts are not closed by the prosthesis;
  • noble and noble metals used in the construction do not cause any harm to surrounding tissues;
  • if the cause of loss of their teeth was aailment, like periodontitis, the choice of a prosthesis without the sky will allow evenly distributing the chewing load between weakened but preserved teeth, significantly reducing the risk of their loss;
  • correct care of the dentures removable (without the sky) allows you to use them without replacement for a long time (from 10 years);
  • after a short use, such a structure can be restored and corrected by removing corrupted crowns and replacing them with new ones;
  • prostheses without the sky are very easily pulled out of the mouth for daily cleaning;
  • If the patient has not managed to keep any tooth under the detachable bridge, then the necessary element can easily be installed in the existing base of the prosthesis.


  • for the installation of the prosthesis it is necessary to turn completely healthy teeth;
  • regular maintenance of dentures is required, removable, since they may contain particles of food;
  • Sometimes for such a design a metal bow is required;
  • To install a removable telescopic bridge, you need to visit the dentist many times;
  • compared with others, this method of prosthetics is quite expensive.

Care of dentures removable
partially removable dentures

To ensure that such an expensive design has served the patient for many years, it requires careful care. The following methods are used for this:

  1. Rinsing with water. This method of cleaning food remains the most affordable and simple. For this purpose it is recommended to use cooled boiled water.
  2. Application of special solutions. The presented method assumes complete immersion of dentures in an antiseptic liquid. This solution is sold in ready form or in the form of a tablet, which should be dissolved in water.
  3. Using a toothbrush. This method is used for more thorough removal of plaque. To do this, use a brush with a stiff bristle and a special paste for the prosthesis.
  4. Professional cleaning in the dentaloffice. If all of the above methods do not allow a qualitative cleaning of the prosthesis, then it is desirable to take it to the dental clinic. By the way, such a professional procedure for orthopedists is recommended to be held every six months.
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