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Dental implants. Reviews

Healthy, full and beautiful teethensure the quality of life and give them confidence. Let us clearly talk and, importantly, enjoy eating. For more than 40 years, dental implants have been used. Feedback these kind of dentures deserve only positive character, as prosthetics of teeth is a great way to keep a Hollywood brilliant smile.

Prosthetics, implantation - have long been notnovelty, and with the advent of high-quality dental implants restore the dentition is not difficult. Dental clinics offer a wide range of services. To date, almost everyone can afford dental implants. Clients' reviews of modern clinics with the latest equipment suggest that now the service is practically painless and only at the highest level.

Qualified specialists with long-termthe experience of work individually approach to each patient, select various complexes for restoration of a teeth. First and foremost, naturally, doctors try to keep their own teeth. However, in the case of unavoidable removal, dental implants will be the way out of the situation. Reviews about them patients leave only good, and due to this prosthetics of teeth becomes every year more and more popular. With their help, it is possible to completely restore lost teeth for a long time. And due to modern equipment specialists are able to restore not only chewing functions, but also aesthetic appearance, which is especially important for the smile line.

The main material used forThe manufacture of implants is titanium and its alloys. The majority still prefers technically pure titanium for implantation of teeth. The choice of this material for the manufacture of dental implants is due to its biological inertness, as well as anti-corrosion properties. Titanium dental implants are obtained from titanium. Reviews of prostheses made of this metal, helped significantly increase the number of clients of dental clinics.

Today the most popular kind of dentalimplants are prosthetic root-shaped - classically executed stepped cylinders with thread. With sufficient bone volume, this type of prosthesis is used to install the implant. Of course, in some cases it is necessary to do a sine-lifting, in order to increase bone mass, and only then to put root-like implants. The structure, shape and materials of different manufacturers are different, but at the heart of each is a screw-screw made of titanium.

There is still such a kind of dentures asPlaque dental implants. Reviews about them are impressive even for skeptics. This type of implant allows you to penetrate the bone deep enough, which at times increases its stability. They are used in the event that the bone is so narrow that it is impossible to establish an implant of the root-shaped form.

Also in modern implantology applyImplants of the combined form. They can have large sizes and a rather complex shape with serious defects of the dentition. Such a prosthesis is a combination of a root and plate implant.

The above types of implants refer to the intraosseous (endosal).

In the shape of the design, there are also such types of implants: cylindrical in the form of a natural tooth, tubular with cortical lining, screw, plate, with steps, etc.

Large assortment of types and forms of implantstestifies that modern dental clinics are able to offer a variant of prosthetics that would suit both the patient and the doctor.

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