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Holidays in Portugal - a lot of new experiences

The westernmost country in Europe is thePortugal. The country is mysterious and, by and large, little known, at least, well enough. Meanwhile, the magnificence of the unusual nature, the clean sea, architecture and centuries-old traditions captivate and amaze tourists. For this reason, more and more of our compatriots inquisitive and active choose the burning tours to Portugal.

A bit about the resorts

One of the most popular resorts of thisa remarkable country, of course, is Madeira. Actually, it is a small islet with magnificent vegetation and a pleasant climate. It is worth noting that the temperature practically does not change during the whole year and fluctuates in the side altars, as a rule, 22-30 degrees, while the water warms up to 20-23 degrees. Agree, the rest in Portugal on Madeira is most convenient from this point of view. It is not for nothing that many well-known people, kings, writers, actors and others come to rest on this resort.

In addition to the sea and vegetation, it is worthwhileattention to the local market, where you can buy at a reasonable price well, completely unexpected and exotic fruits, for example, fruta delicioso - a fruit that has an anise-banana taste. In addition, one can not consider a full-fledged holiday in Portugal on Madeira without visiting the top of Monte mountain. You can rest assured that the view that opens from this point will shock any tourist to the core and remain in memory as one of the most exciting moments in life. Another sightseeing destination on this island is a visit to the caves that were discovered here in the 19th century.

Hot tours to Portugal can offervisit another resort - Lisbon, in translation meaning "favorite bay". It should be noted that this is one of the most unconventional, odious, if you will, cities in the whole world. It is difficult to imagine another such place, where a number of architectural styles and styles from classical churches, including Baroque castles, Gothic monasteries, to archaic buildings, side by side. In addition, the city itself is striking at every step, then with mosaic pavements, then fountains of bronze, then transport. The latter is especially original. Where else can you find a street elevator, which, according to the teachings, was designed by the pupil of the famous Eiffel.

Lisbon is famous for its, one might say,junk prices for antiques, and quite old. Especially in this the region of Lisbon Alfama became famous. When buying hot tours to Portugal, it is worth remembering that this country is famous for its musical traditions. If you visit the quarter of Bayrou-Altu in the capital in the evening, then you can hear fantastic romances performed by the Fadisht - they are, by the way, almost a national treasure. It is worth noting that their songs really fascinate, they wind some kind of sad sadness.

National cuisine

Rest in Portugal, of course, notis limited only by the sea, the sun and cognitive excursions. It's just a paradise for gourmets of all kinds, and just lovers of a lot and delicious to eat. It is worth noting that the local people themselves do not deny themselves this pleasure. Naturally, there is a lot of Portuguese food available in the diet of the sea. Do not mind they fry on the baking sheet and meat. A separate article is oysters, which, by the way, are considered the most delicious in the world and, naturally, the most expensive. Well, what a holiday in Portugal can be without the famous local port.

In conclusion, if you are not yet determineda place of rest, but want to get a lot of positive emotions, then you can choose the burning tours to Portugal, as an option, an alternative to a little podnadoevshim directions in Egypt or Turkey.

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