/ What do you need to know when planning a holiday in Portugal? Reviews of the resorts of Portugal

What do you need to know when planning a holiday in Portugal? Reviews of the resorts of Portugal

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If you are planning a holiday in Portugal, reviewsexperts on the sights and features of this country will help in choosing a resort. The most western country in Europe, washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean is the country of seafarers and discoverers, Portugal. Its centuries-old history and ancient monuments always attract many tourists. Portugal is quite suitable for both curious people who like to spend time actively, and for fans of beach holidays. There are magnificent palaces and ancient castles. In some, you can now live by renting a room or even the whole castle. These are the so-called Pausas - restored medieval manors, which are turned by their masters into hotels. The southern coast of Portugal is famous for its magnificent beaches with a fine clean sand. You can combine a historical tour of the country and beach holidays in Portugal. Feedback about such tours will help you choose the best program. It should be noted that one of the most inexpensive places in Europe is Portugal. This is evidenced by the tour operators' proposals for holidays in Portugal. The prices of 2013 are quite acceptable even for a very small budget.

Resort areas of Portugal

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The magnificent Algarve resort offers enoughcomfortable hotels with accommodation at low prices. The Algarve is an almost continuous chain of small resort towns with wide beaches, where it is never crowded. More expensive and more aristocratic are resorts located along the Atlantic coast from the south to the north of the country. This is Lisbon Riviera Costa do Sol. There are fewer sandy beaches here, but more private properties and villas. In order to understand which of the resort destinations will suit you more, if you are planning a holiday in Portugal, the reviews of tourists will not be superfluous. There are very noisy party places where life boils and seethes even at night, but there are quiet towns that are more suitable for family rest and recreation with children. There are fashionable resorts, but there are also very democratic.

The ancient cities of Portugal

Overview and historical excursions for suchcountry, like Portugal, rest, tour of castles and monasteries is better to start with Lisbon. It is the capital of the country, a city with unique architecture and ancient monuments. The medieval quarters of Lisbon with their narrow cobbled streets, the stunning statue of Christ on the hill, the largest in Europe the Oceanarium, many palaces and

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museums will not leave indifferent any tourist. Nowhere in the world are there facades of houses lined with azulezhu - glazed tiles, which have a bright color scheme. Nowhere in the world is there a vertical funicular or simply an Eiffel elevator that helps residents from the lower part of the city to quickly get to the top. There is in Lisbon the famous Bethlehem Tower, standing on the ocean shore as a symbol of its former greatness. From here once went to distant lands the ships of Magellan and Vasco da Gama. For those who choose an individual excursion vacation in Portugal, the reviews of independent tourists about visiting small ancient cities will help not to miss the true pearls of this region. The most famous ancient cities of Portugal are in the north - Porto, Guimaraes, Braga. The city of Porto is recognized as a UNESCO-protected monument. In Braga are known for their beauty Catholic cathedrals.

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