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Where is Goa - one of the heavenly places of the Earth

One of the best Asian resorts by rightis considered the Indian province of Goa. In order to plunge into the amazing tranquility of this village, thousands of tourists from all over the world come here every year. However, many still have a question: "Where is Goa?" The answer to it does not cause any difficulties. Goa occupies the territory in the central part of the western coast of India. Unlike other provinces of the country, life here is calm and measured, as if in tune with the natural rhythm of nature.

where is goa

There are no big cities in Goa, and this statethe smallest in the country. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that not everyone knows where Goa is. There are mainly small settlements, which are lined up along the picturesque coast of the bay. It is in these settlements that you can relax from the bustling Indian megacities. Even in the numerous tourist routes in India that are offered to travelers, Goa acts as the final point of the road.

Now that we already know where Goa is,it's time to get acquainted with the sights of this province. Of course, the main pride of the state are the beaches. They stretch a long white stripe along the entire coast. Once at least once on such a beach, involuntarily recognize the existence of paradise, which is located on Indian land. The only thing that probably will not like everyone is that it's crowded on the beaches. After all, not only tourists from Asian countries come here, but also a lot of tourists from European countries. Due to the climatic conditions and the natural zone, the beach season here lasts throughout the year.

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If you also chose a vacation in India, Goa isthe best place to spend your holidays. For a long time, the province was a colony of Portugal, so the life and character of local residents differ slightly from life on the rest of Indian territory. The entire territory of Goa can be conditionally divided into two parts, one of which is considered the New World, and the other is the Old World. The old district of Goa is a calm countryside where the spirit of the colonial era is still preserved. Here you can hide from the bustling city in a small wooden hut, located among the rainforest. A completely different characterization can be given to New Goa. This part of the state consists of luxurious beach villages, equipped to the highest standard.

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A tour in Goa is a lot of new impressions. The most popular resort is Calangute. For lovers of silence, the ideal place for a holiday will be the Condoleeum. That in one, that in another resort village quite a lot of hotels for every taste, restaurants, clubs, but the latter has more clean beaches. The most popular among tourists is Paloem beach, which occupies the territory in the southern part of Goa. Here the coast is in perfect purity, surrounded by a picturesque nature. For small holidaymakers there are many attractions. Especially popular among young people is the resort of Anja, which is famous for its uninterrupted beach parties, carnivals and competitions.

But just to know where Goa is,is not enough. You should see all this with your own eyes. In addition to beach recreation, there is something to see. So, in the administrative center of the state of Mapusa deserves attention the temple of Hanuman. No less attractive is the church of Milagres. In the village of Seolim you can visit the temple of Sateri. Here, the church of St. Anthony rises. And to describe the beauty of nature there is not enough time or words. In short, to feel the beauty of Goa, it is necessary to visit here.

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