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The best holiday in the sea in Italy

You are tired of the ubiquitous hum of cars andtrips on public transport? All this can easily be replaced by the noise of the Italian Riviera and walks on the gondolas in between the fashion shows of famous couturiers and visits to the night Colosseum. A holiday at the sea in Italy will bring new romantic notes to your holiday and give you an unforgettable taste of Mediterranean happiness seasoned with the best Italian wine.

holiday at sea in italy
Adriatic Sea, Venetian Riviera ... What can sound more melodic than these euphonious words with a light salty scent of the sea, a gentle breeze that sorts the grains of sand in the palm of your hand. Rest on the sea in Italy is the most desirable pastime, far from noisy, never sleeping megacities.

Rome, Venice, Florence - all this becomesis subject to your gaze, if you visit the famous resorts near the city of Rimini, which is located on the Adriatic coast. Russian tourists are especially fortunate, because charter flights there fly all the year round.

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For connoisseurs of art history, Italy istasty. The Roman Colosseum and the Sistine Chapel, the Florentine Art Galleries and the Cathedral of St. Mark worthy of special attention. All of Italy - a holiday at sea, excursions and attractions are waiting for numerous guests.

The waters of the five seas help to relax anyone -affectionate surf and numerous sandy beaches, where there is enough space for everyone. The cult of children to whom Italy is famous will allow you to forget about your children for some time, and the whirlwind of pleasures and entertainment will make their "Roman holidays" unforgettable.

Holiday at the sea 2013 (Italy) will pleasantly surprise youits diversity. For connoisseurs of fashion, the country will turn into a real theater in the open air. The variety of models of famous couturiers and car designers known to the whole world will make even the tourists, who have been sighted, become overwhelmed with delight. World monuments of culture and history will take away inquisitive guests in the era of antiquity, presenting unforgettable walks in the gondolas with contemplation of Tuscan landscapes and opening the world all the luxury of Mediterranean nature.

holiday at the sea 2013 italy
The most famous resort of the Gulf of Naples -Ischia - will give the opportunity to pamper yourself with healing mud and help enter into the tone. Hydrogen sulfide baths are located directly on the territory of hotels and hotels, which makes them very accessible for all visitors to the island. Walking through the parks will help your nervous system to replenish reserves to make new discoveries and achieve personal victories. And the biggest thermal complex "Gardens of Poseidon" will surprise you with its scale.

Italy is a country of love. Many couples come here in search of romance and new impressions. And many here find them. The Amalfi coast with its numerous villages and towns carries a romantic mood. To be alone and understand your feelings will help romantic family-type hoteliers, and relieve tension and tune in the right way - small cozy restaurants, where lovers can sip a truly divine drink - Italian wine.

The rest on the sea in Italy pleases with the excursion variety, and also an opportunity to combine romantic rest with extreme skiing.

Naturally, for one trip to thisMediterranean country is simply impossible to feel all the charm that will give a holiday at sea in Italy. That's why those who have rested there once and certainly return there again and again, in order to discover this paradise on earth in a new way each time.

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