/ / Waterfall inside the lake in Portugal - a man-made miracle, causing awe

The waterfall inside the lake in Portugal is a man-made miracle, causing trembling

There are many miracles in the world that are difficult to explain withscientific point of view, they cause a sacred awe in people uninitiated. These include the Bermuda Triangle, UFO or a snowman. But there are such phenomena that are created by the hands of man, but they look absolutely supernatural. These include the waterfall inside the lake in Portugal.

Beauty and puzzles of Portugal

This country is amazing and beautiful. Its climate is different from European, and nature is delicious. Thousands of tourists come here to admire the local beauties. So, the mountain part resembles the "garden of stones" created by nature. During the glacial period, boulders of different sizes - from small to huge - remained lying on the slopes in a chaotic manner. Here you understand how powerful are the forces of nature. This view is so unusual that the flow of those who want to see it every year only increases.

waterfall inside the lake in Portugal
In addition, Portugal is a kingdom of rivers and lakes,which are filled with the purest water from a melted glacier. They are connected together by multiple streams - both natural and man-made. This system of water bodies allows you to monitor the water level.

Certainly, Portugal has a rich history,which is interesting for those who visit this country. But there is another amazing place, which attracts not only curious tourists, but also lovers of the unknown and supernatural, and even Satanists from all over the world.

Lake with a hole

lake with a hole in Portugal
Video and photo, which depicts a waterfall insidelakes in Portugal, literally bewitch. On the absolutely smooth water surface of Lake Konchos, suddenly, as if at the request of some unknown force, a whirlpool begins, the diameter of which is about fifty meters. The funnel literally sucks in tons of water. After a short time, it disappears, and the lake again looks like a mirror. About the former miracle does not remind anything ...

A trivial solution

Even videos and photos of this spectaclefascinating. Many lovers of mysticism called this place a gateway to the underworld or a portal to another world, but the real reason for this phenomenon is much more prosaic. Konchos - a lake with a hole in Portugal - is a technically complex man-made object, the result of the engineering genius of man. Many reservoirs are equipped with natural and artificial dams, dams, waterfalls to regulate the water level. Lake Konchos is one of them.

Broken Lake in Portugal
A holed lake in Portugal is a creationhuman hands. A giant funnel is a genuinely arranged mine spillway. A half-kilometer tunnel connects two lakes - Konchos and Lagoa Komprida. A huge hole, which leaves the water, - the receiving tank, whose diameter is 48 m, and the depth - 4.6 m.

When the water level in Konchos reachesthe gateway is opened, and the water with noise goes into the funnel, creating a whirlpool. This sight does not leave indifferent even those who know the true cause of what is happening. Lake Konchos is an element of a local power station located in the largest Portuguese park of Serra da Estrela.

miracle of Portugal hole in the lake
This amazing hydraulic engineering structure was built as far back as 1955, but it is still successfully used today, supplying energy to the surroundings.

The power of nature and the human genius

The miracle of Portugal - a hole in the lake - for yearsexploitation was covered with grass and moss, which makes it look like a natural object, not created by the hands of a person. From this, the observation of the discharge of water acquires a supernatural and slightly ominous shade. Many even gave this place a mystical meaning.

Visiting the lake

Thanks to the videos posted on the Internet,the waterfall inside the lake in Portugal is becoming more popular with tourists. Many people want to see this spectacle with their own eyes. Those who want to visit the famous pond should wear waterproof clothes and shoes. And if the tour takes place in the winter, then do not forget about the thermal underwear and thermos with hot tea.

waterfall inside the lake in Portugal
The waterfall inside the lake in Portugal is an example,as a miracle created by people's hands can not only become a useful engineering object, but also attract tourists. After all, such a spectacle is nowhere to be seen.

This is how the riddle of thiswaterfall. Oh, if all mystical wonders would find such a simple explanation, then life would be much easier. But it always has a place for a miracle, even if it's man-made.

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