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Portugal Hotels - Charm and Comfort

The hospitality of the residents and the bright sun, soft anda moderately warm Mediterranean climate, a delightful coast of the Atlantic, famous sights and resorts attract tourists to Portugal. Here, the old and the modern are organically combined. This is a country where dreams of affordable, comfortable holidays are surrounded by picturesque nature, but with a real European infrastructure become a reality. Many hotels in Portugal are located in ancient buildings and are distinguished by a special charm and respectability.

Hotels in Portugal

The pride of the country is the network of historicalhotels - pouzad. They are built according to the concept of creating "small hotels not similar to hotels", developed by Antonio Ferr. They are located in the restored old castles, monasteries and fortresses. These hotels in Portugal feature the highest quality, comfort and convenience. The restaurants serve a variety of dishes, cooked according to old recipes by skilled chefs. Hotels vary in location and theme. On the territory of architectural monuments, preserved in its original form, there are historical pouzad; on the coast - romantic; in the countryside - natural. They provide an opportunity to see and feel the medieval Europe, known only to us through artistic novels and films.

Portugal Madeira Hotels
Tourists can choose the option of temporarystay on the coast or in the mountains, as well as belonging to a certain gastronomic culture. Magnificent hotels in Portugal, located in Lisbon, Evora, Braga and other crowded cities, will give an excellent rest and a variety of entertainment. If you are interested in pastime away from the hustle and bustle, it is better to go to the Azores. There, surrounded by picturesque nature, you can perfectly relax in small hotels with a cozy home atmosphere and European comfort.

The real Atlantic paradise is the archipelagoMadeira. A picturesque island is one of the best destinations that Portugal represents. Madeira, whose hotels are surrounded by well-groomed gardens and parks with an unimaginable variety of exotic plants, offers a variety of accommodation options. A unique symbol of the island and the embodiment of romantic golden splendor, luxury, elegance and old-fashioned charm is the Reid's Palace, located on the top of a high cliff.This is a standard of lodging.Moreira's other hotels also have an atmosphere of special cordiality, comfort and excellent service, number of stars.

Hotel booking in Portugal

Booking hotels in Portugal is convenient to conductwith the help of online booking systems. They allow in real time to select a hotel for a specific date of travel, like the number, order it and receive confirmation. Choose a hotel is based on viewing the galleries of hotels, photos in the catalogs and reviews of tourists.

Portugal will give an unforgettable vacation to anyseason. Guests of the country are waited by the most beautiful cities, excellent parks of entertainments, carnivals, productive leisure. You can make an individual plan for travel, and you can use the services of travel agencies that provide many hotels in Portugal, and go on an exciting journey through the mysterious and historic places of the country.

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