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Sausage "Home", a recipe in Ukrainian. Blood sausage and blood with liver

We all really love Ukrainian sausage. And not the one that is sold in Russian stores, but the real, cooked according to national recipes, homemade. In Ukrainian villages, each family kept pigs, and twice a year they were usually cut before Easter and Christmas. Therefore, meat products in these days has always been a lot. Today we will tell you how one of them is prepared - home-made sausage. The recipe in Ukrainian is what you need. If you master it, all the relatives and guests will be very grateful to you.

Some general information

Thanks to the right technology, this deliciousthe dish can be stored until the next slaughter of the animals. How is the sausage "Homemade" made? The recipe in Ukrainian is noteworthy in that it is baked first in ovens, and then - poured with a smalt. Most of the current housewives, in modern conditions, do not have ovens, of course, so they prepare homemade sausage in the oven. In addition, only the portion that will be eaten immediately after cooking is baked at once, since it is more dry.

sausage home recipe in Ukrainian
The rest of the semi-finished product is recommended a littleboil and portioned in a freezer. This sausage in the season can (boiled or raw) bake on the grill. The success of its taste and quality depends on the correctly chosen balance of fatty meat to low-fat. The matter of secondary are the various supplements to the recipe and seasoning.

The most simple recipe for "Homemade" Ukrainian sausage

To perform it we will need: one kilogram of pork, 400 grams of fat, eight cloves of garlic, eight peas of black pepper, two onions, three teaspoons of salt. And now Ukrainian "Homemade" sausage, a recipe for cooking. Rinse and thoroughly dry pork. We cut exactly half of the meat (0.5 kg) and 200 grams of fat in small pieces. We pass the second half of the pork through a meat grinder. Then we put everything together. Chop the garlic and send it to the stuffing. Then, salt and mix well.

Ukrainian homemade sausage recipe
We fill the washed guts with the minced meat,tie the ends tightly and put in the refrigerator for six hours. Cut the remaining 200 grams of lard with the pieces, chop the peeled onions. Be sure to pierce on the sausage a few holes. We heat the frying pan, melt the fat in it and fry our preform almost to the full. Then add the onion and continue to fry until it is golden and ready for sausage.

A more complex recipe for sausage "Homemade"

Required products: pork - one kilogram, two bulbs of large size, garlic - one clove, ground black pepper, bay leaf, nutmeg, marjoram, garnish - fried or boiled potatoes. And now we will tell you about the preparation of sausage "Home". The recipe is in Ukrainian, in a country style. Through the meat grinder we skip pork with onions, add garlic, previously shredded, seasonings and spices. Thoroughly mix.

sausage blood homemade according to Ukrainian recipe
Prepare the pig intestines, fill themprepared with minced meat, we tie up the tight ends with a thread, lay it in a spiral or ring in a frying pan, pierce it with a needle in several places, so that the air goes out. We send the frying pan to the heated oven and bake from both sides, from time to time watering our own, stand out juice. Sometimes it is not enough, in that case you can add water. It is assumed that the Ukrainian "Homemade" sausage, the recipe of which we have just examined, is served hot, ruddy, roasted.

Recipe for cooking buckwheat and blood sausage

Many people eat such sausage, of course, notwill be, but for some, the so-called "kroviynka" is a real delicacy. Therefore, we offer a couple of recipes for this dish. So, sausage blood "Homemade" in Ukrainian, a recipe for cooking. We will need: one and a half liters of blood, 500 grams of fat, 500 ml of milk, 200 grams of buckwheat, one teaspoon of ground pepper and two tablespoons of salt. Pre-cook the fat and cut it into small cubes. Also cook buckwheat. We mix fat, blood, buckwheat, pepper and salt. We pour in the milk and stir again. Fill this filling with pre-prepared guts. Do not do it too tightly, leaving a couple of centimeters of emptiness in each ring.

sausage blood homemade according to Ukrainian recipe with liver
Guts, by itself, do not forget to tie well. After all the sausage is ready, put a pan on the fire, five liters, with water. After boiling in the water we put a pair of small or one large ring, pierce the needle in several places and turn down the fire as soon as the water boils again. The cooking time is 15 minutes, after which the product should be roasted on a baking tray in the oven for half an hour at a temperature of 250 degrees. This is how the sausage "Domestic" is cooked in Ukrainian. The recipe with the photo will help the housewives understand the nuances of this process.

The recipe for "blood" with the liver

It is this recipe of the dish that is national,which is considered a real Ukrainian "krovyankoy." We need: pork blood - one liter, fresh milk - one glass, cooked buckwheat - two glasses, a liver cooked (150 grams of heart, kidney, lung and liver), pork fat - 250 grams, one onion, salt, seasonings, guts pork, prepared, up to 30 cm long. Now about how to prepare sausage blood "Homemade" in Ukrainian. The recipe with the liver is branded.

home-made sausage in Ukrainian recipe with photo
We remove the skins from the fat and twist it throughmeat grinder. Then fry in a frying pan for 15 minutes. Also on a meat grinder we chop the onion and add it to the fat. After five to seven minutes, turn off the fire. Manually cut the smallest pieces of whole liver. We treat the blood in a blender to a homogeneous mass. In a deep container, mix all the ingredients and prepare the shells for the "blood" - we tie one of the ends of each intestine.

Sausage "Home", recipe in Ukrainian - the final stage

Using a cup, fill the intestines with cookedstuffing. We do this not too tightly. Rinse with cold water and put it on a baking tray, greased. Bortics should be large. Then we send the baking sheet to the oven heated to 200 degrees and fry sausage for half an hour. Five minutes after the start of frying, pierce it with needles so that there is no cracking.

ready-made blood-groove
This procedure can be replaced by a"Blood" with boiling water before being sent to the oven. Before serving, it is recommended that the prepared dish cool down, but if you do not have the patience for it, then it's okay. Eat for health!

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