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Sausage made of horse meat. Kazi - Kazakh sausage from horse meat (recipe)

What is the product of kazy (sausage)? The answer to this question you will find in this article. Also we will tell you how to make this snack and serve it to the table.

sausage from horse meat

general information

Kazi - sausage, made of horse meat, whichis a traditional dish of the Turkic peoples. This product is made by stuffing a natural shell (most often the horse's gut) with fatty meat (with ribs) and spices. A feature of the preparation of this dish is that the intestines are filled not with minced meat, but with a whole piece of horse meat.

Such a product can be used in different types(smoked, cooked or withered). It should also be noted that the Kazakhs and Bashkirs have taken kazi exclusively in boiled form, and the Tatars - smoked.

Selection of raw materials

With the correct production of sausage from horse meatit turns out very tasty and fragrant. Kazy is an indispensable dish of the Turkic peoples (nomadic Bashkirs, Kirghiz, Tatars, Kazakhs, Karakalpaks and Nogais), which is served exclusively to the festive table.

Before I tell you how it's donesuch an appetizer, you should pay attention to the fact that meat for this product is taken only from fattened horses, in which there is a large amount of fat.

Features of preparation

Sausage of horse meat at home is being preparednot very long. Quite often kazi is cooked with meat and served to the table together in the form of one large dish. Often, such a sausage is presented and beshbarmak (thinly rolled and dough, boiled in a meat broth)

kazi sausage

In some Turkic peoples, kazy is used to make naryn and pilau. With such sausage the second dish turns out very fragrant, tasty and satisfying.

Sausage of kazi: a recipe for simple cooking

Horse meat is called young horses. Its specific taste is liked by so many culinary experts. Of all kinds of meat, horse meat contains the largest amount of protein. In addition, it contains phosphorus, potassium, copper, sodium and amino acids. Also it should be noted that in this product there is practically no cholesterol.

Currently, horsemeat sausage israther expensive delicacy. If you can not afford to buy such a product in the store, then we suggest doing it yourself. To do this, use the recipe below.

So, we need:

  • fresh horse - about 1 kg;
  • horse fat - about 500 g;
  • guts horse or any other natural shell - about 50 cm;
  • black ground pepper - about 3 g;
  • salt fine sea - at discretion;
  • cumin - about 25 g.

Component Processing

Sausage home made of horse meat is done in stages. First, the meat product is washed well in cool water, and then cut together with horse bacon into 10-inch strips and 4 centimeters wide. After that, the ingredients are laid out in a deep bowl and flavored with spices (pepper, cumin and salt). In this case, all pieces of meat and fat are carefully rubbed with the resulting spicy mixture.

homemade sausage from horse meat

After carrying out the described actions, the filled container should be covered with dense gauze and left in a cool place for exactly 2 hours.

Preparing the shell

While the meat product is marinated, it is necessary to be engaged in preparation of a natural cover. As it we recommend the use of horse's guts. Only in this way you will get real Kazakh sausage.

The acquired shell should be thoroughly washed in cool water, and then strongly soaked with large sea salt and another 4-6 times rinse, but already in hot water.

The process of filling the shell

Sausage of horse meat at home is formedalmost the same as other similar products. To do this, one end of the horse's gut should be pierced with a stick, and then tie it with a strong thread. On the other hand in the natural shell is required to lay out previously prepared stuffing. In this meat product should necessarily alternate with bacon.

Filling the horse's gut with the entire filling, its second end must be strongly tied with threads. In this form, sausage should be put in a container with a lid and leave in a cool place.

Heat treatment

Very many representatives of the Turkic peoplesuse kazy in a raw form. However, to prepare such a product you will need quite a lot of time. Moreover, to dry the sausage, you should prepare a place where for a long time (about two weeks) it could hang on the rope and suddle.

Kazakh sausage

Considering all the above, we decided to quickly cook horse sausage and serve it to the festive table as a fragrant and satisfying snack-cutting.

After the natural shells are clogged upstuffing (meat and bacon with spices), and also tightly tied with threads, they should be immediately put in a large cast-iron cauldron (cauldron). Further finished products must be filled with ordinary drinking water (preferably cold) and put on a slow fire. After boiling the broth, the product should be cooked for about two hours. In this case, do not increase the fire. Otherwise, the horse shell may burst, contributing to the outward flow of the filling.

It should also be noted that after boiling waterin the cauldron on the surface of the broth should form an unpleasant gray foam. It is necessary to get rid of it, using a noise. In addition, to prevent swelling and subsequent damage to the horse's gut, it should be pre-pierced with a needle in several places. This action will contribute to the escape of air bubbles from under the shell, keeping the kazy in its entirety.

Correct feed to the table

Now you know how the realKazakh sausage from horse meat, horse fat and natural shell. After the formed product is heat-treated and completely welded, it should be carefully removed from the broth and, having laid out on a flat plate, cool it.

sausage casa recipe

Ready homemade horsemeat sausagecool, clean from the gut and cut into circles not thicker than 1 centimeter. To serve such an appetizer to the invited guests is better together with the pickled onions. Enjoy your meal!

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