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Hepatic sausage at home: methods of preparation

Lovers of liver and other livers oftensigh about their frustrated dreams, feeding the sausage they bought to a stray dog, because even a domestic pet does not eat it. I want a delicious, and offered in stores can often give only disappointment, coupled with a possible stomach disorder. However, do not despair! Hepatic sausage at home is not cooked as hard as it might seem from the outside. And folk craftsmen invented ways to further simplify the culinary process.

hepatic sausage at home

Hepatic sausage

The first recipe is proposed in whichOnly the specified by-product is involved. For its embodiment, seven hundred grams of any liver and two hundred lats are taken. Fresh or salted water is of no fundamental importance. The liver is twisted in a meat grinder with two onions and a pair of garlic lobules. Salo as small as possible cuts and interferes with the mass. Three eggs are hammered in there and are poured in: salt (one and a half small spoons), coriander (one), ground sweet pepper (quarter) and a half cup of flour. The mixed stuffing is put in a regular plastic bag, the air is squeezed out of it, it is tightly tied and put in a pot of water. After boiling, liver sausage at home is brewed for about an hour and a half. Time depends on the size of the packaging. After cooling, polyethylene is removed, and a delicate product can be eaten.

hepatic sausage at home prescription


Sausage from offal is rarely made only fromliver. Not because of its high cost, but to make the taste more vivid. Very delicious liver sausage is obtained at home, the recipe of which is supplemented with beef heart. It is taken two kilograms - as much as the liver (only beef or mixed with avian). The heart is first boiled and cooled, and then melts together with a cooked liver, a kilogram of fat, a quarter kilo of onions and garlic. It is better to pass the mass through the meat grinder three or four times. Then a dozen eggs are stuck in the stuffing, salt is added with spices, a pack of softened butter, half a liter of sour cream is poured in, and the mass is kneaded to homogeneity. The base is ready! If you stocked up guts, stuff them. In the absence of such a shell, use the method described in the first recipe - package by package. If you use guts, then lay the sausage in broth or a decoction of spicy herbs - it is additionally infused with aromas. Packages do not give such an opportunity, so there is no sense in translating spices and broth. And the last remark: this liver sausage at home is made from pre-processed foods, so it does not last longer than half an hour.

Hepatic-meat sausage

The last stage of preparation corresponds alreadydescribed. Only the composition of minced meat changes. Meat and liver sausage at home is made from an equal amount of lard, chicken fillet and chicken liver, ground in a meat grinder. One and a half kilograms of minced meat are added with three eggs, three dining rooms with a spoonful of starch, as much manga and selected seasonings. Since the raw materials are raw, this sausage is brewed for an hour and a half.

hepatic sausage at home with photos

Hepatic sausage with buckwheat

This groat is widely used in the manufacture ofblood sausages. But not bad with her and liver sausage - at home you get a product with a very delicate structure. A glass of buckwheat is boiled for seven hundred grams of the main component until friability. The liver is not chopped for this recipe, but finely chopped. Two large bulbs are crushed and fried, three cloves of garlic are squeezed. The stuffing is mixed and seasoned; if it turned out to be dense, a little water is added. Next in the course go guts or packets. The sausage is boiled for about half an hour. There is it you can and right so, and fried - as more like it to eaters.

With our recipes it becomes quite affordablequality hepatic sausage. At home (with the photo of the finished product you can see in the article) it turns out very appetizing and incredibly tasty.

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