/ Doctor 's sausage.

Doctor's sausage.

His birth date Doctor's sausage by rightshould consider 1936. Its name is due to participants of the Civil War, which undermined their health, and to those who experienced the burdens of the tsarist regime. It was believed that this sausage is rich in all vitamins and minerals, which are necessary for strengthening the human body. This product was really the standard of a healthy diet. Many years the Doctor's sausage corresponded to its name. Meat, which was used in its preparation, was only of the highest quality, and its appearance always attracted buyers. Many generations decorated their holiday tables with this low-fat and juicy sausage, used it in snacks and salads. For a long time it was a symbol of well-being. However, over the last decades the composition of the Doctor's sausage has undergone significant changes. It began to add starch, soy, various dyes and thickeners. Not without artificial additives. In the diet of domestic animals for a while included fish, and this significantly affected the smell of sausage. And the use of frozen imported beef has left its imprint on the taste of this product.

And yet the Doctor's sausage still retains its leading position. Its popularity is so great that consumers will enjoy it for a long time.

However, you need to be able to distinguish a real treatfrom various fakes using his good name. First of all, you should carefully study the label. A quality product must have seventy percent of the highest grade pork, twenty five percent of the beef. Eggs occupy three percent of the total, and the remaining two percent is milk powder, sugar, salt, nutmeg and cardamom. Sausage of lower quality can have meat only fifty percent. The rest is accounted for by soy, starch, dyes and artificial flavors. These proportions, of course, leave their imprint on the taste of the sausage.

Particular attention should be paid to the listingredients, analyze the list of food additives, possibly the presence and forbidden. Currently, certain flavor enhancers, acidity regulators, antioxidants, emulsifiers, stabilizers and so on are allowed to be used. But remember that the smaller the list of E-additives, the higher the quality of the product.

A great role is played by the appearance of the sausage. It should be dense and smooth. The shell must be integral and fit well with the product. If the requirements are violated, the sausage is clearly overdried or its expiration date has expired. The color of the stuffing should be light pink and mixed evenly. A bright color indicates an excess of dyes. If the mass has gray spots, pieces of fat, emptiness - all this indicates a violation of cooking technology. The permissible share of moisture should be no more than sixty-five percent, fat - no more than twenty-two, protein - not less than thirteen. The amount of additives that are harmful to the body should not be more than 0.005%.

And the last thing to consider when buyingof the product: if the Doctor's sausage is slippery and creates an impression covered with mucus, it is obviously spoiled and unfit for consumption. A better product has a shorter shelf life. The increased content of food additives, as well as the preservatives used, significantly prolong this period of time.

No less important information for people,counting the daily intake of calories. If the sausage Doktorskaya is intended for breakfast, its caloric value per hundred grams is 257 kcal. And, no doubt, many will not deny themselves the pleasure of once again to taste this delicious and fragrant product.

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