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Exquisite delicacy: horse sausage

Konin is an ordinary dish of nomadic people. Of this meat, which has a specific taste, it is often prepared horse sausage, without which there is not a single national celebration. It is added to naryn and pilaf, or simply cut into small pieces and served as a snack. It is generally believed that this delicious high-calorie delicacy is capable of raising blood pressure, so it is used as a restorative. Also, horse sausage is used to prepare other varieties of sausages to give them elasticity, some viscosity and piquancy, although in some countries its consumption is prohibited.

horse sausage

Kazi in the Uzbek kitchen

It must be said that in the Uzbek cuisine, sausages fromThe meat of horses is called "kazy." It is prepared by piling beef or horse meat into the beef of horses with ribs. So, the gut is rubbed with salt and washed well in water. Pieces of meat along with fat are also rubbed with salt, caraway seeds and pepper, left for three hours in a dark place for pickling, then stuffed with prepared gut mass and put the semi-finished product in a cold place. Use it as cooked, and dried or smoked. But let's take a closer look at the process of making this delicacy.

horse sausage cases

Horse sausage kazy

Ingredients: one meter of horse guts, one kilo of horse meat, five hundred grams of horse fat, one spoonful of black pepper, two spoons of zira, one spoonful of salt.

Cooking process

Salo and meat are cut into strips of fifteencentimeters and a width of three centimeters, add to the dishes, sprinkle with pepper, zira and salt and rub the meat so that the spices are absorbed as best as possible. Next, all covered with gauze and put in a dark cool place for six hours (but better for one day) to horse sausage has turned out fragrant and tasty.

Preparation and filling of intestines

Guts are thoroughly washed, turned inside outand rubbed with salt. Then they are washed again alternately in cold or hot water several times. Then one end of the intestine is tightly knotted, and the other end is filled with the prepared stuffing, alternating strips of meat and fat, and tie the second end - thus preparing the semi-finished product.

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How is the horse sausage stored?

If the kazi needs to keep a small gaptime, it is simply suspended in a cold place, and if several months, it is buryed in bran or flour under a ten-centimeter layer. When it becomes necessary to store sausages for several years, it is smoked by hanging in a chimney and left there. It should be noted that an excellent delicacy is considered to be kazy three years ago.

How to use kazy?

Horse sausage, which you can buy mostlyin the markets of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan or Tajikistan (there are practically no shops in stores), it is often served on the table as a cold snack. To do this, it is placed in a bowl with cold water and cooked for two hours on a small fire. After the water boils, the product is pierced in several places. Before serving, sausage is cooled and cut into circles, laid out on plates with greens, vegetables and chopped onions. The broth in which it was cooked is used mainly for making dough.

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