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Sausage "Amateur": composition

Among the meat products of sausage "Amateur"is one of the most popular. Fragrant, tasty, it fits perfectly into sandwiches, sandwiches for a quick snack. Will help in a hike or a long trip. Suitable for cooking casseroles, pizza, pickle, various salads and snacks.

GOST requirements

Sausage "Amateur" (GOST 1938) at the rate of 100 kg in its composition should contain:

  • the highest grade of beef meat - 35 kg;
  • low-fat pork - 40 kg;
  • Hard pork bacon (or shpig) - 25 kg;
  • salt - 3 kg;
  • nitrate - 50 grams;
  • sugar - 100 grams;
  • black pepper - 50 grams;
  • nutmeg ground - 25 grams.

sausage amateur

Output of finished products after coolingis 98%. Humidity is within 55%. As a natural shell used lamb and beef blinds - ziyungi, straight - circle, esophagus - picala, the diameter is 50-100 mm.

Sausage "Amateur" is beautifultaste thanks to the use of quality raw materials. According to GOST, beef meat should be chilled paired or frozen, and double it can not be frozen. Pork - frozen or chilled. Regarding the fat, there are also rules: it is taken only from the spinal zone, necessarily solid consistency, unsalted or slightly salty.

Any coloring or astringent substance, notprescribed by the recipe, are prohibited. It is not allowed to use raw materials in the production that did not pass the veterinary and sanitary inspection. If the temperature regime is not higher than 8 degrees Celsius, air humidity 75% - storage (suspended) within 8 days; up to 20 degrees - no more than 2 days.

Freezing of finished products is unacceptable.


To date, the sausage "Amateur" inThe classic version contains beef and pork meat, fat, spices, a stabilizer and a color fixer are acceptable. Quality product contains (per 100 grams):

  • iodine 5.4 mg;
  • sulfur: 122 mg;
  • iron - 1,7 mg;
  • sodium - 900 mg;
  • potassium - 211 mg;
  • phosphorus - 146 mg;
  • calcium - 19 mg;
  • magnesium - 17 mg;
  • ash - 2.8 grams;
  • water - 56.9 grams;
  • cholesterol - 40 mg;
  • di- and monosaccharides - 0.1 gram;
  • saturated fatty acids (NLC) - 11.6 grams.

 amateur sausage at home

In addition, the sausage contains vitamins B, PP, E. In 100 grams contains 301 calories:

  • proteins ~ 49 kcal (12.2 g);
  • fats ~ 252 Kcal (28 g);
  • carbohydrates ~ 0 kcal (0.1 g).

Cooked "Amateur" sausages at home can differ in composition from the usual set. Sometimes beef is replaced with a bird.

Cook at home

The process of preparation is simple. Sausage home "Amateur" consists of the same ingredients as "shop" (quality). Sample set of products:

  • beef (30% of the total weight of meat);
  • pork (45% of the total meat weight);
  • bacon (25% of the total weight of meat);
  • Milk (10-20% of the total weight of minced meat);
  • spices: sugar, salt, pepper, nutmeg;
  • shell protein or polyamide, with a diameter of 50-65 mm.

homemade sausage

The technology provides for several processes:

  • grinding of meat (double pass through a meat grinder with a fine grate);
  • bacon cut into cubes a maximum of 8 x 8 mm;
  • using a blender, meat and milk are mixed until homogeneous;
  • add slices of bacon, spices and evenly distributed over the stuffing;
  • give the workpiece to stand in the refrigerator for a couple of hours (for maturation);
  • tightly lay the stuffing in a shell and tie with twine, it is better to use cotton;
  • for an hour cook at a temperature of 75 degrees.

The finished product is stored for no more than two days. "Amateur" sausages at home can be prepared with a different composition. Beef is replaced with chicken, sometimes add eggs, garlic or bell pepper. Each hostess prepares, taking into account the preferences of her family.


When buying sausages in retail outlets beforeall you need to carefully study the label. If there is none, do not risk your health, it's better to refrain from buying. The buyer should receive information about the composition of the product, the manufacturer, the date of implementation. Ingredients are listed in order of weight reduction components. Unfair producers sometimes do not indicate additional additives.

sausage amateur gost

Sausage "Amateur" can not be cheaperraw materials, in this case its composition is doubtful (according to GOST it should contain not less than 75% of meat). A strong aroma, bright color and even a pleasant taste do not serve as indicators of quality. Food additives are able to turn the most nondescript raw materials into delicacy.

A few signs of a good product:

  • sausage loaf has no voids, dense and elastic;
  • surface without visible damage, spots, phlegm, smooth;
  • the heavier the piece, the more meat it contains;
  • the color is pale pink or beige (the brightness of the colors indicates dyes);
  • the smell of meat is pleasant, but not pronounced;
  • The fat should not fall out, but the sausage should break down.
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