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Grilled chicken in the microwave - simple and tasty!

Grilled chicken in the microwave - one of the mostpopular dishes all over the world. If you cook it yourself at home, it will turn out to be much more useful and tasty. The recipe, which is given in this article, is very simple. Therefore, any hostess will be able to decorate a grilled chicken with a family dinner. Want a perfectly crispy chicken? This can only happen in a microwave oven.

Dishes from chicken are simply irreplaceable as infestive menu, and in everyday. And if you have a microwave in the house, such things become even more accessible to you. Prepare a dish like a grilled chicken in a microwave, it's easy. We learn how to do it.

Grilled chicken in a microwave oven

To begin with, remember that it is best to use a chicken whose weight is not more than 1.5 kg. This will allow it to be better roasted and steamed. Try the following grilled chicken recipe in the microwave.


1. Kilogram of chicken (better choose a broiler);

2. Two heads of garlic;

3. Special seasoning for grilled chicken;

4. Salt and black pepper.


If the purchased chicken is not gutted, of course, it will have to be gutted by yourself. After that, it must be washed and dried, put on a paper napkin.

Now prepare the condiments. You can for this purpose give vent to your imagination, but you can make it easier - to buy a ready-made seasoning, suitable for a grilled chicken. Indian spices are best suited to it.

If you find it difficult to find such, take what isin stock. Just remember that it's best to add any pepper and salt to any ready-made seasoning. So the flavor of the seasonings will be brighter and more intense. The resulting mixture should be grated chicken both outside and inside.

Now brush 2 heads of garlic, one ofwhich you pass through garlic. With this gruel you need to coat the carcass. What to do with the second head? Cut it into slices and put it into specially made slits in the chicken. And it's best to shove them as deep as possible.

Then you need to "forget" that you are preparingGrilled chicken in a microwave for about half an hour. Wrap all the tips of the wings and legs in the foil, and fasten it as tightly as possible so that it does not "fly off" at the most inopportune moment.

Now select on the panel of your microwave ovenmode under the name "Grill" and place the chicken on the grate. You need to roast on both sides for about fifteen minutes each. It will be great if you put any plate under the grate itself. It will drain the resulting juice.

Another option

If on your microwave oven there is nogrill mode, do not worry, just use the oven. But only the cooking time will then increase significantly, but what is the time when you are waiting for the delicious grilled chicken. Fry it for 20 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees. Then the next 20 minutes the temperature should be increased to 220. And do not forget that the chicken needs to be turned over! And fry until the moment when it appears appetizing golden crust.

If there is a desire, you can decorate a ready-made chickenpieces of fresh tomatoes or zucchini, cooked in a double boiler. And if you pour it on top with soy sauce, the grilled chicken will become even more piquant.

For preparation of marinade it is possible to use such a set of products:

- 4 tablespoons seasoning to chicken;

- 2 spoons of seasoning for dishes cooked on the grill;

- juice of half a lemon;

- several spoons of vegetable oil;

- A couple cloves of garlic.

Of course, this recipe can not be called the only correct one. After all, the marinade, like the grilled chicken in the microwave, is an incredible field for experimentation and the manifestation of your individual taste.

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