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Tasty and simple: grilled chicken at home

Even in ancient times, people used to eatmeat, but in our time we do not eat it raw, now we know a lot of ways to process it: frying, cooking and others. Especially popular is the grilled chicken. At home, cooked, it differs not only good taste qualities, but also useful properties (chicken is in first place among all products for the content of useful substances).

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Grilled chicken in the home: preparing dishes

At home, such a bird can be cooked in a microwave oven or oven. In the latter case, you need a brazier. Those housewives who have a grill prefer to cook chicken on a spit.

Preparing products

First of all, you need to choose the right bird, fromthis will depend on the taste of the dish itself. It is best when the chicken is homemade, because its diet includes only natural ingredients. Such meat is enough only to rub it with salt and pepper, and also oil it. Well suited for grilling the meat of young chickens, then the dish will turn out to be tender and tasty, but the old bird turns out to be stiff. Shop chickens choose unfrozen so that they are not stiff and dry.

Grilled chicken in the home: we cook on a spit

grilled chicken at home

This dish is cooked outdoors on coals. In this case, one kilogram of birds take one kilogram of coals. Ingredients: one chicken, one glass of mayonnaise, one mustard spoon, salt and spices, garlic, one lemon.

Cooking process

The chicken is washed and dried. In the meantime, prepare the sauce. For this, mayonnaise is mixed with mustard, crushed garlic is added. Finished with a mixture of rubbing the bird, squeezed out juice from the lemon. The chicken is put on a spit, legs and wings are tied with a strong thread. Thus, the spit replaces the grill. You can buy it in almost any supermarket. On the spit, it is fried for one hour, gradually approaching the coals. The last half an hour the meat is rotated continuously. Cooked on charcoal, the chicken will have a juicy crust, and its taste will be refined.

Grilled chicken in the home: we cook in the oven

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Ingredients: one chicken, several cloves of garlic, two tablespoons of mustard, a mixture of Provencal herbs, salt, three tablespoons of sour cream, a bay leaf and sweet pepper.

Cooking process

Chicken rubbed with garlic, coated with mustard andsprinkle with a mixture of seasonings. In a jar with a narrow throat pour two thirds of the water, put the scented pepper and bay leaf. After some time, when the bird is marinated, it is placed in the oven, placing it on top of the jar. Thus, the chicken during the baking process will be infused with the aromas of laurel and pepper. Ten minutes before the meal is smeared with sour cream.

What do grilled chicken eat with?

To a ready dish you can serve vegetable simple salads (recipes with photo can be found on culinary sites). As a side dish, use rice, pasta or potatoes. Sauce choose sour-sweet or garlic, according to etiquette they water the bird before cutting it. But if the chicken is already cut, then eat it with your hands, dipping the pieces into the sauce.

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