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Cooking chicken in the oven

Despite the fact that all the housewives at least once in their lives have tried to learn the cooking of chicken in the oven, they often remain unhappy with the result.

Here the question of choosingrecipe for baking chicken. And we will definitely tell you how to prepare this delicious, traditional dish that everyone will like. The main secret of cooking is the choice of a suitable carcass of the bird, which should have enough subcutaneous fat (they are usually yellow), if you, on the contrary, take a small specimen - it will be excessively dryish. When buying chicken, do not forget to immediately buy a set of herbs to it.

So, cooking the chicken in the oven

This recipe is addressed to those who are creativesearch and seeks to achieve excellence in cooking chicken in the oven, however, does not have sufficient skills. To prepare a dish you need - a chicken, a set of spices, a glass bottle and salt. Salt to mix with spices and rub this mixture of chicken carcass (peeled from the entrails). Next, pour the bottle into the middle of the beer (or water), then "put on" the chicken.

To get a well-fried chicken,the temperature in the oven at the time of the carcass laying should be on the order of 180-200 degrees. After 40 minutes, reduce the temperature to about one hundred and thirty and cook on moderate heat. The cooking time is an hour and a half. To prevent fat from spreading throughout the oven while you are cooking, the bottle should be placed on a pallet. You can get a nice crusty crust if you pour a chicken carcass from time to time with the draining fat.

Preparing the chicken in the oven under the beerin pairs, will make it juicy and soft. The main problem is that the carcass should be completely evenly baked, so if you do not follow it, the top can burn, and the bottom, on the contrary, remains moist. To avoid this, you need to put a bowl of water on the bottom of the oven. Water will give steam and thereby "soften" the temperature in the oven.

Grilling chicken in the oven

We take a cellophane bag, so that ourthe whole chicken got into it. The package should be durable and airtight. You can buy a special sleeve or ready-made bags for baking in the store. To cook a grilled chicken in the oven, you need to prepare a marinade. In a bowl, mix: kefir, finely chopped onions (raw), crushed garlic, a couple of spoons of olive oil, half a lemon juice, ground black pepper, a couple spoonfuls of chicken and salt. Mixing everything, pour this mixture into the bag for baking. Then we put the thoroughly washed and gutted chicken. If the chicken remains small hairs from feathers - sing them over the fire, removing the cap from the hob. Having tied the packet tightly with the chicken, we begin to shake it properly, so that this marinade permeates the chicken from the outside and from the inside. Then we leave our chicken alone for an hour or two, so that it properly marsels. When this time has passed, you need to take out the chicken and place it in the oven to bake until crisp, periodically turning over and pouring a running marinade.

Cooking chicken in a microwave oven

Do not believe when you are told that a chicken grilled inmicrowave will not work. The opinion that cooking a chicken in the oven is the only option is wrong. People who think so do not know that there is a very simple and elegant way of cooking chicken in a microwave oven. To do this, take a gutted and washed carcass of a bird weighing 1-1.2 kg, rub it outside and inside with a mixture of spices and salt. Spices should be taken for chicken meat.

You can make marinade yourself by simply addingspices juice from ½ lemon, a couple tablespoons olive oil and a couple of crushed garlic cloves. And then cover with spices and a layer of mayonnaise (so that the skin does not burn).

Before laying the chicken in the microwave, the tips of the wings and legs are very tight so that they do not fall off, wrap them in pieces of foil.

Pickled chicken, lay on the grate, underwhich we put a flat container to drain fat. Be sure to turn the chicken. If your microwave oven is equipped with a grill function, then the carcass inside will turn over itself.

Then we press the desired program and wait. The cooking time depends not only on the weight of the feather, but also on the model of your microwave oven.

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