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How to cook sausages in a microwave oven? Tips and Tricks

Thanks to electronic kitchen helpersthe processes of cooking different dishes are simplified. Can I cook sausages in a microwave oven? Now this is a simple and affordable method of obtaining delicious dishes. More details on the methods of preparation are given in the article.

Sausage products can be cooked with water, without it, thanks to the function "Grill". There are also recipes for dishes with sausages. Each method of preparation has its own characteristics.

Choosing sausages

The buyer during the choice of products must take into account that:

  • quality products can not be cheap;
  • products may not meet the specified quality;
  • It is necessary to purchase goods of the highest quality or to manufacture meat products independently;
  • there are manufacturers who follow the traditions of cooking sausage products.

how to cook sausages in a microwave oven

Competent purchase of products is not easytask, since the products are created from heavily minced minced meat, placed in a shell. What is added to the product, consumers will only learn from the manufacturer's information.


How to cook sausages in a microwave oven with cooking? Follow this procedure to perform this procedure:

  1. With products it is necessary to remove the sheath, to prick with a knife or fork in several places.
  2. Then the products are put in a glass container with water. The liquid should cover the sausages a little.
  3. The bowl must be placed in the microwave.
  4. You should set the function "cooking meat", and if it does not, then "warm up".
  5. How many sausages are cooked in a microwave oven? You need to set the time to 5 minutes.
  6. After the signal, you should get the finished dish and drain the water.
  7. Sausages can be eaten with mustard or other sauce.

Quick way

How to cook sausages in a microwave quickly? This method requires a flat plate for microwave. Products must be cleaned of cellophane, and then make a puncture on them. Products are put on the dish, and then sent to the microwave oven for a couple of minutes. It is necessary to set the mode "Heating" or "Varka". After cooking the dish can be eaten.

how much to cook sausages in a microwave oven

Sausages in the dough

How in the microwave to cook sausages in the dough? For the preparation of products you will need:

  1. Dough flaky - 250 g.
  2. Vegetable oil.
  3. Hard cheese (100 g).

Briquette test should be thawed, divided by 4parts. Pieces must be rolled out so that the shape is slightly less than the sausage product. In the blanks, you need to put 1 sausage, so that the edge looks a little. Then the products are sprinkled with grated cheese and wrapped with a tube.

Sausages should be placed on a baking tray or dishesfor microwave, before greasing it with fat. Semi-finished products must be impregnated with oil. Let the product last for 15 minutes. How long does it take to cook sausages in a microwave oven in this way? Products are prepared for 15 minutes. Power should be from 500 watts.

In pita bread with cheese

This method allows you to get a very tasty andhearty dish. How to cook sausages in a microwave in pita bread with cheese? Sausages must be cut across into 2 parts. Then on 1 piece they spread on the prepared lavash. To top it is necessary to put a thin piece of cheese.

Products are watered with ketchup and mayonnaise. Everything is wrapped up in an envelope. The container for the microwave should be treated with oil, folded into one layer, covered with a lid. Preparing the dish with a moderate mode of 7-9 minutes.

Is it possible to cook sausages in a microwave oven

In the microwave grill

The right number of sausages must be pierced with sharpobjects and make incisions. Then the products are laid out on a grate, put it on a pallet in the oven. The function "Grill" for baking is used. The product is fried for 7-9 minutes on one side. Then turn around and wait for the golden crust (about 5-7 minutes).


In the microwave you can make a delicious omelet. This will require:

  1. 2 tbsp. l. milk.
  2. 1 tomato.
  3. 50 grams of hard cheese.
  4. 1-2 sausages.
  5. 2 eggs.
  6. Salt
  7. Soda.

Eggs must be whipped to a foam. The procedure will be lengthy, but this is an important condition for cooking. Then add milk, salt, soda (at the tip of the knife). Tomatoes and sausages must be cut into slices. Cheese should be grated on a large grater.

In the glass container it is necessary to lay out a layer of sausages,then tomatoes. Everything is sprinkled with cheese (1/2 part) and is filled with egg mass. Preparation is carried out for 10 minutes with strong power. After that, sprinkle with the remains of cheese and bake again for 6-7 minutes. The omelet must brew for 10 minutes.

how long does it take to cook hot dogs in a microwave oven

Thus, sausages do not have to be cooked on the stove, you can use any of the above recipes. With them, you get delicious and nutritious dishes.

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