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Grilled chicken in the oven

If you decide to surprise your family with delicioussupper or bought a new oven, you can cook a meat surprise. For example, grilled chicken in the oven is prepared quite easily. There are several basic recipes using a spit, a bottle or a sleeve for baking.

Grilled chicken in the oven (classic recipe). It is necessary to take a medium-sized chicken, about one and a half kilograms, red pepper, as well as a special seasoning for grilling or to replace with analogues - nutmeg, black pepper, marjoram, garlic, onion, juniper. Also a little salt and vegetable, sunflower or olive oil.

In a bowl, a pre-washed chicken needsrub it with spices, salt, and pour with vegetable oil. Then the carcass thread on the spit or lay out on the grill. Downstairs ovens are recommended to put a shelter with water, so that the fat and juice will drain onto it. It takes a little more than an hour to cook. Check the availability of the chicken with a knife or fork, piercing it. If a light liquid is emitted from the meat, then the dish is ready.

Grilled chicken in the oven can be cooked andusing a cellophane bag or sleeve. The recipe is slightly different from the classical one. Ingredients: whole chicken, 500 ml kefir, onion, half a lemon, 4-5 cloves garlic, black pepper, vegetable oil, salt to taste.

In a plate it is necessary to mix yogurt, choppedonions, lemon juice, spices, vegetable oil. Content fill the chicken and put it in the bag. We tie tightly from all sides and start shaking, so that the bird was in sauce from all sides. After that, leave the chicken marinated for 2-3 hours. After we pull it out and put it on the spit or spread it on the grate.

When a chicken is planned to grill in the oven, the mostthe main attention is always riveted to the sauce or marinade. It depends on it the juiciness and aroma of the bird. For example, mustard icing. For the preparation we need: a raw chicken weighing one and a half kilograms, 4-5 cloves of garlic, bay leaf, vegetable oil, coriander, lemon juice, mustard, honey.

For the marinade, you need to mix lemon juice, salt,pepper, coriander, vegetable oil, crushed garlic. Spread the bird on all sides and leave for 1.5-2 hours. Then the ends of the wings and legs should be wrapped around the foil, so that they do not burn out. Lay the chicken on the grill and bake in the grill mode. After 40 minutes, stretch, cool.

To prepare the glaze, you need one teaspoon of mustard and honey. Cover the carcass from all sides and send it back to the oven for 20 minutes.

Another recipe with a mustard marinade. For the preparation you need: chicken, salt, pepper, onion, 200 ml of wine vinegar, 4 tablespoons of sugar, 5 tablespoons of dry mustard, greens of cilantro and dill. Ingredients for marinade can be crushed in a combine or blender. After taking a deep plate and marinate the chicken. Leave to stand for half an hour in the refrigerator. The oven should be heated to 200 degrees, then send the bird there. The cooking time is 40-50 minutes.

On the baking tray at the bottom you can lay out the potatoes and bake it for a side dish, it will simultaneously be saturated with fat and will be filled with flavor.

Stuffed chicken grill in oven whole

There are recipes and stuffed grilled chicken. Very good combination of poultry meat with prunes or dried apricots. For cooking we take a chicken, butter, one pomegranate, prunes, dried apricots, pitted raisins, onions, grilled spices, salt, vegetable oil.

For the filling: onions, dried fruits. Grind it with a food processor or meat grinder. Then simmer in shallow heat for several minutes. We add salt, pepper, greens. Outside the chicken rubbed with seasonings for grilling, salt. We start and sew up with a culinary thread. Wings and legs are wrapped in foil. Bake in grill mode for an hour. Chicken grill in the oven is ready, do not forget to decorate it with fresh herbs. Bon Appetit!

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