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Kalatea - kinds, grades, care

Moving to a new home or building a longFamiliar home, people often resort to the help of plants. It's so nice to look at fresh greens after a long and difficult day! And everyone, of course, chooses a set of plants home so that they are pleasing to the eye and do not require special conditions. And so, considering on the Internet home flowers, photos and names of plants, beginners or already experienced growers come across kalate. She is stunningly beautiful, although not as unpretentious as many other indoor flowers.

kalatea species
Kalatea is a genus of plantsnumber of species. Among them there are specimens with narrow, sharp or almost round leaves, their colors also vary. In general, not knowing this, it is difficult to imagine that they are all relatives.

Most often can be found in shops and housesflower growers kalateju. It features dark green oval velvety leaves and a well-marked central vein. Very wide, almost round green leaves with a beautiful pattern on the front side, burgundy from the inside - a painted or painted kalatea. Species with narrow leaves - lanceolate, or majestica - are also very interesting, they can also see very beautiful patterns. The plant species Makoya and does for the night put their painted oval leaves - it is very interesting to observe this process.

Kalatea, whose species number about one and a halfdozens (and this is only the most popular!) is, as you might already guess, an ornamental-deciduous plant, and its flowers do not look very interesting, so it's usually not very interesting for fans of this kind of plants. Light pink or cream shades of small flowers are collected in the inflorescence on a short peduncle - not such an exciting sight.

home flowers photo and name

Kalatea, whose species are so differentbetween itself, has, in general, the glory of a pretty capricious plant, although in most cases the flower growers still manage to get along with it, not changing the habitual conditions of life too much. First of all, the flower does not tolerate direct sunlight, even on the contrary, it will feel good in a rather dark corner. However, it is not worth it to deprive kalathey of light - the leaves can become smaller and lose their decorativeness. It is impossible to admit sharp temperature changes and in general a cold and a draft near its location.

For irrigation, use soft waterroom temperature. Kalatea, whose species can not tolerate overflowing, also tolerates dryness, so in this matter the owner of the flower will have to find a balance. Another serious problem of most apartments is dry air, in which the plant, if not killed, will gradually lose its decorative properties, its leaves will twist and die.

indoor flowers kalateia
But the reproduction and transplantation of kalatei is notrepresent difficulties. Transshipment or transshipment is carried out annually. The pot should not be too large, on the contrary, most kalates prefer crowdedness. During the transplant, the bush can be carefully divided into parts and planted.

Yes, care for kalatei can hardly be called easy, but the beauty of this plant is worth it!

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