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Grapes in the Moscow region: growing with the best result

Such a heat-loving plant, like grapes,of course, prefers the southern regions of our country. But enterprising gardeners and agronomists did not drop their hands: there are some varieties that can be grown in the middle of Russia. Therefore, know: if you want to plant grapes in the suburbs, cultivation will require you to work, but most importantly, it is possible.

The first and most important step to a good harvestis the right choice of variety. There are special frost-resistant species, and if you decide to start viticulture, then start competently, so that the work is not wasted.

grapes in the suburbs cultivation
The second point - the features and timing of plantingthis plant is in the middle band. If you know and observe them, doing everything to get your own grapes in the suburbs, growing will take away much less nerve cells, and in time, and pleasure will begin to bring.

Further there is a constant leaving from April till October. If you are not scared by all of the above, you can right now make the first drafts - while on paper.

Variety selection for the middle band

grapes cultivation in the suburbs
Virtually none of the European varieties forMoscow region and the Moscow region is not suitable. Too they are thermophilic. Most of the variants that are successfully grown in this band are bred by breeders and are hybrids, although not all. Some gardeners are afraid to take up grapes in the suburbs - growing it seems to them an ungrateful thing. And all because they consider such varieties sour, without even trying them. In fact, almost all northern species taste as good as the southern ones.

So, the varieties that are most popular among horticultural garden lovers:

  • "Muromets";
  • "Jubilee of Novgorod";
  • "northern early";
  • "Moscow steady";
  • "Russian korinka";
  • "Michurinsky";
  • "Russian early";
  • "decorative".

Choosing one of these options, you can get a good harvest, even in a cool summer.

growing grapes in the suburbs
Greenhouse varieties for the Moscow region

There is another option. Suppose you are not afraid of excessive labor due to the heat-loving nature of the plant, but you passionately want to harvest each summer - your grapes in the suburbs. Cultivation in this case can be done in a greenhouse. Sorts for these purposes are as follows:

  • "Frankenthal";
  • "aleshenkin";
  • "Don's beauty";
  • "queen of vineyards";
  • "Cardinal";
  • "Moscow Muscat".

All this is early European species, most of them are not hybrids.

Features: processing of land before planting and further

When you choose "your" grapes, growing inThe suburbs will only be a matter of time, will not it? And you can start as early as autumn. The first step is to choose a place. Requirements for it are: low humidity of the earth and the sunny side (south or south-west). If the ground is too wet, do drainage.

It is desirable to dilute the soil with sand by half,add compost, humus and a complex of mineral fertilizers. If you plan to plant grapes in rows, dig up the soil as best and deeper as possible. All this is desirable to do in the fall, in order to loosen a well-fertilized soil in the spring.

When planting, mulch and water withdiluted compost or manure. In summer, also do not forget about the care of the soil. Growing grapes in the suburbs means also constant care, and the principle of "planted and forgotten" here will not work.

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