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Kalatea - care of a plant

Most kinds of kalatej grow because ofbeautiful coloring of their leaves. Only some of them are beautifully flowered - for example, saffron kalatei. She has spectacular bright yellow inflorescences, towering on long arrow-peduncles. Leaves in kalatei saffron, unlike most other species, are uniformly colored, they are dark green in color. Their shape is oval, they are wavy along the edges and grow on long petioles. This kalatea, care of which is rather complicated - a whimsical plant. She is very fond of moisture and does not tolerate the sun: his direct rays damage the leaves of the plant for several minutes. Blossoms kalatei saffron from the beginning of spring to the beginning of autumn.

The most popular decorative types of kalatei- kalatea Vicha, Makoya, wavy, decorated, red-haired, striped. They are shade-tolerant, like moisture and temperatures of up to +18 degrees Celsius. Their leaves should be regularly sprayed. If the room is dry and the temperature is higher than desired, it is often necessary.

Decorative-leafed kinds of kalatei are also necessarypritenyat: under the influence of sunlight, their leaves can lose their exotic color. The plant does not tolerate drafts and sudden temperature fluctuations.

Kalatea Vicha is a plant, extremelyrarely blooming at home. The leaves of this species are broad, heart-shaped, up to 90 cm high. They have beautiful coloring both from the top and from the lower side. Wavy kalatea, care for which is no different, is a low herbaceous perennial with wide, wavy along the edge of the leaves. Most of its forms are dark green in color, with a white stripe in the middle. Kalatea Makoya grows to a height of 50 cm on the surface of its leaves there is an intricate pattern, reminiscent of the outlines of the branches of plants. He, as well as the rim, is a dark green color, and the background is light green. The lower part of the leaves of the Makoya kalatei is colored purple.

Striped kalatea, care of which is not verycomplicated - one of the most unpretentious types of room kalatey. It is a perennial herbaceous plant up to 40 cm high. Its leaves are light, oblong, with broad oblique dark green stripes. Blossom kalatei striped violet or white flowers, collected in the inflorescence of the ear. Indoor flower kalateya red-and-white due to its name reddish pubescence of the underside of the leaves. Their shape is oblong, they are low, small in size. Kalatea decorated decorated with oblong leaves, growing on petioles about a half-meter long. Their front side is decorated with thin lines of pinkish and silvery color, located along veins. All ornamental species of this plant bloom irregularly, and at home - extremely rare.

All kinds of kalatej are hygrophilous,since this plant in nature grows in the humid forests of the tropics. In the heat they are recommended to be placed in the terrarium. If this is not possible, you should use a household humidifier. Spray can only species with smooth leaves: so, this procedure is not very well tolerated red-headed kalatei. Care at home for this flower is quite complicated: to ensure the necessary level of moisture, you have to place next to the kalatee tray with water, wet pebbles or moss.

Do not put the plants in a pan of water: kalateya, caring for which is quite troublesome, does not take this procedure well. Water it should be warm water, in winter - less abundant. These plants multiply by dividing the rhizomes into parts, and the kalatea is saffron, in addition - by planting the daughter plants. The ideal substratum for kalatej is from an equal amount of peat and leaf earth with the addition of charcoal and sand or earth from coniferous forest. Drainage should take at least a quarter of the pot. Transplanted kalatei in a year.

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