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Tablets that cause labor: consequences and responses

Today, tablets are very popular,causing childbirth. To this method often resorted to doctors-genicologists. Many girls are interested in how much this method of stimulation is dangerous and whether it entails any health consequences. This and much more you can find out in our article.

Indications for the stimulation of labor

Childbirth is a natural process in the life of anywomen. There are cases when medical intervention and stimulation of labor can not be avoided. That is why many expectant mothers are interested in what tablets are caused by childbirth in the hospital and how dangerous they are for a child's life.

A physician can offer stimulation of labor if the patient has an indication for such a procedure:

  • repetition of the fetus;
  • absence of fights after the passage of amniotic fluid;
  • presence of serious chronic diseases;
  • multiple pregnancies;
  • polyhydramnios.

All of the above signs, in the absence of professional intervention, can harm not only the mother and her child.

Often, doctors recommend premature birth stimulation in the event that the fetal condition deteriorates sharply. Most experts insist on caesarean section.

It is worth noting that pills that cause childbirth,can be taken only as directed by a doctor. This is not an accident, because they have a number of contraindications. Artificially caused by fights are much more painful and stronger than natural ones. In combination with tablets that cause childbirth, a specialist necessarily prescribes anesthesia.

Contraindications to artificial stimulation of childbirth

Absolutely, any medical procedure has a wholea number of contraindications. Artificial stimulation of childbirth is no exception. In the event that the woman giving birth at the previous pregnancy had a cesarean section, then the tablets that cause childbirth are contraindicated to her. Artificial stimulation can lead to a break in the old seam.

tablets causing labor

Artificial stimulation of births is contraindicatedAlso, if the fetus is large, its growth and development stops, and if the pregnant woman has diabetes, intrauterine bleeding, placental abruption or infectious uterine disease. If there is at least one of the above signs, the rhino is not assigned.

General information about the preparation for the stimulation of labor

Tablets that cause childbirth contain in theirthe composition of artificially synthesized antigestagens. These drugs block some intrauterine processes. Hormones, which are contained in the pill, lead to an accelerated development of labor. They help to open the cervix.

what tablets cause labor

Previously, pills that caused premature birth were used for emergency contraception after fertilization. These drugs are known as abortifacients.

It is for this reason that many women believe,that the tablets have a negative effect on the child. Before taking such a drug without fail it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

"Mifepristone." Indications for use

Of particular popularity recently havepills that cause childbirth. "Mifepristone" is the most popular drug in those women who are recommended for artificial stimulation of labor.

"Mifepristone" is a synthetic remedy,which does not possess gestagenic activity. It is used not only to stimulate labor, but also to interrupt it at an early stage and emergency contraception. The action of this drug blocks progesterone receptors. Its entry into the body stimulates the ejection of the fetal egg from the uterine cavity.

10 milligram of the drug is prescribed in the event that for 48 hours there was an unprotected sexual intercourse and there is a risk of unwanted pregnancy.

Experts note that efficiency"Mifepristone" is 99%. This drug prevents the placement of a fertilized egg on the walls of the uterus. To determine if the medication has worked or not, you need to visit a gynecologist and take tests, or wait for your menstrual flow. They should come no later than three days after the adoption of "Mifepristone."

200 or 600 milligrams of the drug may beappointed by a doctor if the patient has an unwanted pregnancy for up to 42 weeks and wants to get rid of it by medication. The effectiveness of the drug is 98%. It should be noted that in no case can this method be used independently at home. "Mifepristone" provokes the death of the fetus. This abortive method entails serious complications in the woman's body.

200 milligrams of the drug can be prescribedAlso, if a pregnant woman is recommended to use the method of artificial stimulation of labor. It is believed that pills that cause childbirth on a long term do not pose a threat to the life and health of the mother and child. However, there are many cases when it is the drugs that caused serious complications.

tablets causing childbirth on a long term

Deaths after taking pills that cause childbirth

Today almost every woman knows whattablets cause childbirth. This is not accidental, because they are prescribed not only to women in labor in the late term, but also to girls who have had unprotected intercourse or have an unplanned pregnancy. There are many cases when the use of such pills has caused death.

In September 2001, a woman died a week after the adoption of Mifepristone. The cause of death was septic shock, which was caused by infection of the uterus.

On 12 September 2001, a resident of the UnitedThe States of America died 5 days after the adoption of Mifepristone. She had an ectopic pregnancy. It is known that in this case the stimulation of labor is prohibited. The cause of death was the careless attitude of doctors who did not immediately notice the ectopic development of the fetus. When the woman came home after the procedure of medical abortion, she began severe pain and heavy bleeding. She called several times to her doctor, but he assured me that these are natural symptoms. A few hours later she was hospitalized and operated on, but she died of a rupture of the fallopian tube.

In the summer of 2003, a Swedish woman dieddue to medical abortion. She received qualified medical care. The specialist told her what tablets cause birth and how to take them correctly. A week after the examination the girl accepted Mifepristone. A few days later she was discharged to another drug. After his acceptance, the girl began to suffer severe pain and heavy bleeding. In the hospital, she was injected with anesthetic and provided first aid. After 6 days, her body was found in the shower. The cause of death is bleeding.

Birth after drug stimulation

Many future mothers are interested in advance which tablets are given to cause childbirth. This is not accidental, because it is known that artificial stimulation affects the process of childbirth.

what tablets give to cause childbirth

Experienced mothers who tried on themselves tablets that cause labor, note that under the influence of the drug the process is more uncomfortable and unsettling.

Time of action of the drug. Application features

Many girls are interested in how mucha tablet that causes childbirth. Very few people know, but the drug acts individually. The time that he begins to act depends on many indicators of the organism of the future mother. Nevertheless, there is an average of 24 hours.

In the event that the first tablet is notacted, after a day you need to drink a second. It should be noted that the drug should be used only under the supervision of a specialist. If the drug did not work for the second time, then the doctor prescribes a stronger drug.

Reviews about tablets

Many women know that there is a pill,causing childbirth. Feedback from experienced mothers can help future mothers find out how this method of stimulation is dangerous. In such tablets, many girls see only virtues. They argue that the drug acts on the body as soon as possible.

There are many experienced mothers who claim,that they did not help the drug. Because of this they had to resort to the method of cesarean section. In addition, they believe that the drug is extremely dangerous not only for women, but also for newborns. They do not recommend artificially stimulating generic activity.

As you can see, all the reviews are different. Someone approaches or suits tablets calling birth in maternity home, and to someone is not present. It is for this reason that this medication should be prescribed only by a doctor.

through how many the tablet causing childbirth

Side effects of tablets for the stimulation of labor

It's no secret that any medicine hasside effects. With the stimulation of pregnancy in a future mother may experience headache, nausea, weakness, malaise, dizziness and pain in the abdominal region.

tablet causing labor
It is strongly recommended that you carefully study the information on the tablets before using them. Their use is only possible under the supervision of a specialist.

The cost of tablets

For many girls, an important criterion in choosing a method of stimulating pregnancy is cost. The price of tablets, which accelerate labor activity, is about 2 thousand rubles for 200 grams.

Packaging "Mifepristone" will cost the girl from 1000 rubles for one tablet. The preparation has a light yellow color. Shelf life is three years.
"Mifepristone" has a cheaper analog -"Misopreserved". It is less effective. The cost of Mizopristol ranges from 300 to 1950 rubles. The drug is only available on prescription. Shelf life is not more than 2 years.

Another analogue is Pencrofton. Its cost ranges from 1500 to 3000 rubles. You can buy it in the pharmacy only if you have a prescription from a doctor. It is worth noting that this drug can be found only in the territory of the Russian Federation.

tablets causing labor in the hospital

Stimulation of labor at home

Some girls believe that pills,causing childbirth, are extremely dangerous to health. As a rule, such women in labor are interested in how it is possible to accelerate labor at home without the use of medicines.

The most popular and effective way of stimulationchildbirth is sexual contact. It is worth noting that the main criterion for this method is the ingress of spermatozoa into the body of a woman. It is in the male seminal fluid that prostaglandins are contained. They increase the contractile activity of the uterus.
To stimulate childbirth at home, manygirls consume fruit cocktail. It includes a glass of orange juice in equal quantities with mineral water, as well as 2 tablespoons of castor oil and almonds.

It is strongly advised not to resort to stimulation of childbirth at home. Such actions can harm not only the newborn, but also the parturient child.

Summing up

Recently,pills that cause childbirth. Some take them as prescribed by the doctor, and someone decides to take such a dangerous step on their own. We strongly urge you not to accelerate labor activity without the appointment of a specialist and at home. Be healthy!

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