/ / Heavy birth were? Was the child hurt? What to do?

Heavy birth were? Was the child hurt? What to do?

To our great regret, for today wevery often we hear from young moms such phrases as "heavy childbirth", "baby suffered", etc. Traumas in children can be very different. The same as with women. Alas, this misfortune can happen to anyone. How do the mother and child feel if there were really serious births? Was the child hurt? If yes, then it means that it is already bad. A crumb - physically. Mother - morally.

heavy birth was a baby hurt

Heavy birth were? Was the child hurt? Who is guilty?

So, if a woman has a heavy birth, a babysuffered, everything around, of course, seems simply awful. Of course, relatives and relatives of the mother will immediately start looking for the guilty. Earlier births were divided by researchers into "good" and "bad" depending on their duration, the use of drugs, the level of interventions and the type of delivery. These characteristics are objective. Today, this issue is considered by the subjective characteristics.

Heavy births were, the baby suffered ... Whycould this happen? Firstly, because of how quickly events began to develop. In the event that the situation suddenly changed from auspicious to dangerous, if no one had time to explain the woman in childbirth, what is happening to her, this can lead to negative consequences.

Secondly, problems could arise ifthe woman was limited in movement, that is, if everything that was going on from her did not depend on her at all. The use of general anesthesia could aggravate the situation. In the future, crumbs may experience all sorts of delays in the formation of muscles, in the development of the psyche. It can slow down breathing and heartbeat, lack of motor activity, sensitivity and muscle strength, there is a lag in weight.

Thirdly, it could be the consequences of a heavypregnancy, the threat of interruption, anomalies in the development of the fetus. Even the mood of a woman (if she is visited by thoughts about a possible dysfunctional outcome) can provoke unsuccessful births. In short, the reasons can be different.

severe childbirth had a baby cranial

Consequences of severe labor

And the results are also different. If a woman has a heavy birth, the baby has suffered, the trauma can be light (like a slight stretch, which can later lead to small tumors that can be easily eliminated with warming and massage).

However, everything can be much more serious. Sometimes, children are born cyanotic color, lifeless, with severe injuries to the digestive tract and the central nervous system, etc. In such cases, babies do not always survive. Or for several weeks are between life and death. However, even surviving, children grow weak, painful.

In especially severe cases, such childrento eat with the help of special apparatus. Thus the child can vomit. Accordingly, we must also install a gastric tube to remove the liquid from the stomach.

Children for a long time can not hold their heads,sit, roll over, respond to the voice. They react only when they are touched. In general, the consequences can be really terrible.

severe childbirth were the baby suffered craniocerebral

Birth injuries of the head

So, enough common injuries are asphyxiation, bruises, intoxication. All this has a very negative impact on the physical and intellectual development of the child.

Most often, however, in such difficult situationssuffers from a child's head. So, if the heavy birth was, the baby suffered - the craniocerebral trauma should be feared first. This is the main cause of death and disability in childhood. Such damage requires special guidance, which is markedly different from the one adopted. For this type of injury characterized by prolonged squeezing of the head, aspiration of amniotic fluid, hypoxia with placental abruption, etc.

Treatment of birth injuries to the head for a long time was considered to be unpromising. Only with the advent of new diagnostic methods in the second half of the twentieth century, little progress has been made.

severe childbirth had a child suffered an injury


In a word, in the event that the heavychildbirth, the baby has suffered, craniocerebral injury, or any other trauma has been discovered - it clearly requires the help of good specialists. Of course, care for these children and their treatment have certain characteristics. They must be provided with a sparing regime. And if the state is too heavy, it is in a specialized department. If there is a violation of breathing, repeated asphyxia and convulsions, the child should not be moved. Swaddling, feeding and care procedures are carried out in the crib.

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