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How early to call monthly, if necessary

Sometimes women think about howterm to cause monthly, not because they have a delay in menstruation, which indicates the pathological processes occurring in the body, but because of any "valid" reasons. For example, it can be a trip to rest.

as soon as possible to call monthly

It should immediately be noted that any interference in thecycle - this is a fairly tough experiment on the body, and without consequences it does not pass. As a result of the "correction" of such a physiological process, its violation may occur, anovulation develop, resulting in infertility.

Women who think, how before the termto cause monthly, it is necessary to know that for this, first of all, consultation with a doctor is necessary. Intervention in the cycle of menstruation can occur only after its approval. Sometimes a preliminary examination (tests, ultrasound) is required, after which the specialist indicates possible options for how to provoke a period before the term. These may include the use of contraceptive pills (oral), the means necessary for urgent contraception, as well as folk methods.

pills that cause a month before the term
Birth control pills

Take pills that cause a month earlierterm, namely, contraceptives are recommended only to those women who use them as a method of contraception for at least three months.

During the cycle, you need to drink 21 tablets(one each day), followed by a break for a week. At this time, menstrual bleeding occurs. If you need to call a month ahead of time, then three days before the desired date, stop taking oral contraceptives. Maximum after three days will begin menstruation. The method is effective, but before resorting to it, it should be noted that such experiments with birth control pills may affect the effect of taking such contraceptives, and also lead to a change in the cycle.

Itself suggests the conclusion that it is often impossible to use such a method, no more than a couple of times in a lifetime.

preparations causing monthly
Tablets for contraception in emergency cases

The problem with how to early callmonth, can be solved and by taking pills that are intended for urgent contraception, in particular, the drug "Postinor." In comparison with previous means, it poses a great danger to the body, and therefore its reception is shown only in cases of unprotected sexual acts.

It is necessary to take the tablets no later thanafter two days (48 hours) after the sexual act, otherwise this method will not bring any results. It should also be noted that the sooner the remedy is adopted, the greater the effect, so it is not necessary to delay until the last moment.

Within this period, one tablet of the drug is taken, after exactly 12 hours - the second. If everything is done correctly, then in 3 days will begin uterine bleeding - an imitation of menstruation.

Folk ways

You can use a variety of drugs,causing monthly, or you can resort to folk methods. However, women should be warned that they affect each case in different ways on the body, that is sometimes the desired result is not achieved. It is also mandatory to consult a doctor.

One way is to take ascorbic acid inlarge quantities. Possible consequences - the development of gastritis, erosion of the stomach and ulcers. The second method - hot foot and baths with the addition of iodine or mustard. Possible consequences - the development of massive bleeding.

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