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A few tips on what to do to get past the fastest

The fate of women has never been easy. In addition to the huge number of responsibilities that lie on the shoulders of women, they are also beset by many inconveniences associated with physiological processes. One of them is monthly.

what to do to get past the fastest

About the problem

Unfortunately, not all women have regularcycle, and accurately calculate, when the monthly starts and ends, is a rather difficult task. Therefore, for many ladies, the question is topical: "What can I do to make my periods run faster?" After all, there are often situations when an important event or a trip to the sea is on the nose, and the "red days" are right there.


Considering options for what to do tohave passed or have taken place faster monthly, it is possible to address for the help to medical preparations. So, you can drink such hemostatic means as "Vikasol", calcium chloride on milk, and also take vitamins C and A in tablets that strengthen the walls of the vessels, so that the menstrual can pass for a couple of days sooner. It is worth noting that the most convenient drug in this case is the hormonal contraceptive, but it does not speed up, but postpones the monthly ones at the right time. And these drugs should be drunk by the course, from one pill to get the desired result just will not work.

what to do to have a monthly

Broth of nettle

There are several clues thatTo make, that have more quickly passed monthly, and in national medicine. So, the most common way is to take a decoction of nettle, which must be properly cooked. So, you can drink pure nettle juice, which is obtained by extruding from the leaves of the nettle burning. Take it you need one teaspoon three times a day. You can make tea from the nettles burning. To do this, 3 tbsp. l. raw materials are poured with boiling water and after brief insisting they are taken inside like tea three times a day. Before taking such folk remedies, it is better to consult the doctor in advance. After all, the broth of nettle, there are also certain contraindications, for example, a tendency to thrombosis.

Pepper and shepherd's bag

What else should I do to get my period to pass quickly? By the same principle as a decoction of nettles, a decoction of water pepper or a plant such as a shepherd's bag is prepared. These herbs have a similar effect, they need to be taken in the same dosage.

how quickly to finish the monthly


What to do to have a period without medication? The answer is simple: do yoga or stretching. This method is good because it regulates the female cycle, shortening it on an ongoing basis up to 4 days. For this, the poses of frogs and cats are perfect, as well as exercises that help stretch the groin area.

What you should not do

In search of means, how quickly to finishmen, women can stumble and on inadequate advice. So, do not listen to those people who say that active physical activity during menstruation can reduce allocation due to the fact that they in the first couple of days will be more abundant. This is a myth, excretions, and the truth, will be stronger, but it is unlikely to shorten. In addition, such actions can harm your own body, and so somewhat weakened in these difficult women's days.

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