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To give birth to a child in a dream - the profit will be in reality

If you dream a dream - give birth to a child girl, thenher life is waiting for her. The girl to give birth - to the life of the attitude to change. To give birth to a child in a dream of a male - to expect profits, a big win will be. This, so to speak, instead of entry. But the speech will go on about what it's dreaming to give birth in a dream. I am of the opinion that it is better to investigate such questions, based on the content of several sources. That's what we're gonna do.

The Mayan dream interpreter says that having a baby in a dream- this is good. But this clarifies. Such a dream is good for a man who sees birth in a dream. He will receive some pleasant news from his beloved. To make it even more pleasant, you need a coin worth 5 rubles to wear under the heel of your left foot for three days.

But, unfortunately for a woman, if she gives birtha child in a dream, the same dream book does not promise anything good, but warns that a bad illness can happen to her breast. In order to avoid pathology, the breast should be smeared with corn oil mixed with coffee. Do this for seven days.

The noble dream book also agrees that giving birththe child in a dream is a sign of an unkind and signifying deception in love. If there are fights at the same time, so it portends a danger. Even if you see from the side, as someone gives birth - difficulties in business promises.

To give birth to a child in a dream to a married woman inAccording to the interpretation of the ancient English dream book - a good sign. A heavy burden will fall off your shoulders. An unmarried girl, having seen such a dream, let her be vigilant and legible in her feelings. She can not be frivolous - innocence will lose.

According to the compiler of the eastern femaledream book, if you have a baby in a dream - a change in the good one should be expected. You will be free from problems, everything will end safely. If they gave birth in agony, but the result was good, then in real life there is a way out of any difficult situation. Dreams that give birth to you - life gives you a new chance! You get the opportunity to start it from scratch.

The dream interpretation of Veles is extremely brief. To give birth to a child in a dream is the appearance of new plans and plans. Quite good, in my opinion.

And here is what Vanga's dream book says about ourtoday's issue. However, most of the time we already know from the previous reading. So, the symbol itself means radical changes in life. From something you will be liberated, the business will be completed. Omitting the interpretations that are already open to us by other dream books, we move on.

Births that pass in a dream quickly and easily,respectively indicate that you will breathe a sigh of relief in real life, and you can transfer your business to someone else for the benefit of you. If in the dream the births are accepted by you, then you will be pleasantly surprised when the event, insignificant, at first glance, will be almost fateful for you.

There is also a dream book of Freud, in which, if you give birthchild in a dream and see how you are taking birth, then in real life you can get pregnant really. If such a man suddenly dreams of what gives birth to him, then his extramarital relationship will bring very undesirable consequences.

If you were born, then it means a newacquaintance. And you will meet an ideal couple for you. Maybe this is your second half? Be prepared, however, to the fact that you do not immediately recognize this person, and he will even seem like an unsuitable couple. But, in principle, he himself will make every effort to ensure that you are convinced of his sincerity and everything will be right for you.

According to Longuet's dream book and see the birth and take them -for a difficult matter to take. In this case, you expect obstacles and considerable. But, if you are persistent, then everything will turn out in time. Well, that in the end you will benefit.

According to the dream book of Jose, the birth in the dream promises happiness in the family life. On this optimistic note, allow me to take my leave, wishing you happiness in the family, and in work and study!

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