/ / Preparation "Relium". Instructions for use

The preparation "Relium". Instructions for use

The drug "Relium" is available in the form of coated tablets. The active ingredient is diazepam.

The preparation "Relium". Description

The drug is an anxiolytic agent,is included in the category of benzodiazepines. The drug affects many structures in the central nervous system. The clinical effect is also manifested by pronounced anticonvulsant action. The medication also has a minor hypnotic and central muscle relaxant property.

When taken orally, the drug is rapidly absorbed from the digestive tract. The maximum concentration of the drug is achieved in the serum after 50-90 minutes.

The active ingredient interacts with blood proteins in 94-99%. The drug is able to penetrate into breast milk, passes through the placental and blood-brain barrier.

Excretion is mainly carried out with urine in the form of decay products. Up to 25% can be displayed unchanged.

The preparation "Relium". Instructions. Indications

The drug is used for neuroses, borderlineconditions accompanied by tension, fear, anxiety, anxiety, alcohol withdrawal syndrome to reduce the symptoms of arousal, sleep disturbance, motor excitement of a different nature.

"Relium" remedy instruction manualalso allows for the appointment as a component of complex treatment (anticonvulsant) in epilepsy, before conducting diagnostic activities and surgical interventions.

The medicine in order to avoid negative consequences must be taken only for the purpose and under the supervision of a specialist.

The preparation "Relium". Instructions for use

Duration of admission and dosage of the drug is selected strictly individually, to achieve therapeutic results.

Adults with a state of fear medication "Relium"The instructions for use recommend taking two to ten mg per day two or four times. With withdrawal syndrome, 10 mg on the first day, three to four times, in subsequent (if necessary) 5 mg three to four times a day.

In diseases with an increased tone of the skeletalmusculature - a day 3-4 times for 2-10 mg, with epilepsy (in conjunction with other drugs) - the same dosage per day two to four times. In case of sleep disturbance, the "Relum" remedy recommends the use of a single dose of 5 to 15 mg before going to bed.

In the preparatory period, before intervention or conducting diagnostic measures - once from 5 to 20 mg or divided doses before the operation.

The maximum amount of the drug per day is up to 60 mg.

The drug "Relium" is often prescribed in pediatrics. Dosage in this case is calculated in accordance with the body weight: from 0.1 to 0.8 mg / kg. From year to three years - two to three times a day from one to one and a half mg, daily dosage - from two and a half to five mg; from three to seven years - twice to three times a day from 1.5 to 2.5 mg, the maximum dosage per day - from five to seven mg.

The medication is not prescribed for patients under the age of one year.

The drug "Relium" is considered to be a strong enough means, therefore the reception in children should be supervised by a specialist.

The drug is prescribed with caution to the elderlypatients (after 65 years). A reduced dosage is recommended (2 to 2.5 mg once or twice per day). An increase in the amount of the drug taken is allowed with good tolerability.

The abolition of the "Relium" means is not carried out abruptly. It is necessary to gradually reduce the dosage taken. Refusal of the drug is carried out under the supervision of a specialist. Abrupt cancellation of the drug can cause a mood disorder, sleep, in some cases - mental disorders.

The duration of the drug asthe rule is four weeks, including a period of gradual cancellation. Do not take the medication longer than the indicated period without assessing the condition by a specialist. The doctor should notify the patient of possible side effects and contraindications to the use of the drug.

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