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The child has red spots on his face - what can it be?

Parents daily face a multitude ofquestions on the care of the child, his upbringing and caring for the baby. It's not always possible to keep track of everything that happens to the baby. In such cases, mothers begin to reproach themselves and are very worried that they could not prevent the child from falling, fear, excitement, illness, etc. However, this manifestation of the same evolutionary theory: the child and mother are gaining experience and in the future do not repeat the committed errors.

But, you see, it's one thing when a child falls,clinging to the chair: you see the result of the "mistake", and the reason that led to it. And quite another thing, when only the result of "error" is noticeable: one has to guess about its causes, which is sometimes not easy. In such cases, do not be afraid to seek help, because it depends on the baby's well-being.

Here, for example, the baby on his face appearedred spots. What should mom do? It is important to understand that the smaller the child, the higher the risk of harming the baby with various methods of self-medication and especially ignoring the problem.

If the face has red spots, then evena doctor without special diagnostic procedures will not always be able to correctly diagnose with 100% certainty, since there are a lot of reasons for this phenomenon. What can I say about you, not related to medicine man. But the role of the mother should not be underestimated: it is she who can tell about what the baby was contacting with, how long the stains have appeared, how the child behaved during this period - in short, the mother paints the picture of "illness", the doctor extracts from her story important for setting diagnosis of the moments, examines the child and prescribes treatment procedures.

Let's return to our question. On his face appeared red spots - what can they signal? Such skin phenomena can be observed in allergic reactions, infectious diseases, hereditary diseases, with changing temperature conditions, changing climatic conditions, disturbing the functions of the vegetative system. In addition, the appearance of spots and rashes can be a reflection of failures in the functioning of internal organs (intestines, kidneys, liver, etc.). In the simplest cases, a situation where red spots appeared on the face could provoke an insect bite.

A significant proportion of skin reactions appear inresult of actions of irritating factors (speaking more easily, there is an allergy). On the face red spots can arise as a response to food allergens. This can happen even with newborn babies who are breastfeeding, if the mother does not adhere to a special diet. What should be done in such cases? Exclude from the diet citrus, chocolate, nuts, fish dishes, coffee, smoked meat, strawberries, honey, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, tomatoes, mushrooms, eggs, eggplants, etc.

In addition to food allergies, there may be a reaction to care products (soap, powder, which is used to wash clothes, powder, etc.) and taking medications.

If the red spots on the face of the baby (andolder children) disappear after exclusion of the irritating factor, then, obviously, you are faced with an allergy. Carefully review the conditions of hygienic procedures and the baby's diet (and your own if you are breast-feeding) to prevent the occurrence of allergies in the future.

The appearance of red spots on the face can beis associated with the body's response to changes in the temperature regime and the change of the pore of the year. So, the winter, autumn and spring period becomes problematic in the sense that a person develops, as people say, an allergy to cold. The face and open areas of the body are covered with red spots that itch. Poor people have to wrap themselves up and down to minimize the harmful effects of cold.

The appearance of red spots on the skin can be associated with infectious diseases (measles, rubella, scarlet fever). In such cases, medical care is indispensable.

What else can skin rashes be associated with:

  • chicken pox (throughout the body there are transparent blisters that burst after a few days and leave pruritic scabs after themselves),
  • infectious erythema (a bright drop appears on the cheeks, although the orbit portion remains pale),
  • erythema nodosum (red, swollen spots appear on the face, legs, forearms).

In addition to these problems, the appearance of spots on the faceand the body can testify to such problems as systemic lupus, dermatomyositis, viral hepatitis, pink lichen, psoriasis. And this is only part of those diseases, the manifestation of which is the appearance of red spots on the face and body. Therefore, one should not reduce everything to diathesis and engage in self-medication, using advertised drugs. The right decision is a visit to a doctor who specializes in child health issues.

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