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Stains on the face

In children, the appearance of a skin reaction can have many causes. In many cases, it is very important for parents to be able to distinguish between types of skin manifestations.

Red scaly spots on the face are located on theskin level, not protruding above its surface. Such manifestations are called roseol. As a rule, these spots cause the child considerable discomfort, because they are accompanied by a burning sensation or itching. However, in rare cases, they can not disturb the baby completely.

The most common cause of red spots is allergy. The reaction spreads in many cases throughout the body. Red spots on face scaly, itch. Elements of hives can appear on the child's body. Very often skin allergic reactions in children develop in combination with changes in the functioning of the intestine. Therefore, it is very important to analyze all the innovations in the development of the child. Probably a baby or a nursing mother ate something allergic. In this case it is necessary to adhere to a diet.

To solve the problem in many casesyou need the right treatment. However, therapy can be prescribed only in accordance with the symptoms and causes of the disease. It should be noted that not all cases can immediately and accurately diagnose a particular ailment. Often there is a need for additional research.

Stains on the face appear as a result of influencevarious factors. As a rule, in adults they are not provoked by a serious disease, since they disappear after a few days on their own. However, in some cases, the reason for the appearance of spots on the face can only be detected by a specialist.

The most common ailments accompanied by similar manifestations on the skin are:

- Gastrointestinal diseases;

- nervous disorders;

- lack of vitamins;

- an allergic reaction to certain types of cosmetics, products, medicines, weather change and so on.

Stains on the face appear and as a result of developmentacne. Acne occurs because of increased activity of the sebaceous glands. The spots on the face, as a rule, appear red after the disappearance of the rash.

Spots can result from the development of rosacea. This inflammatory disease has a chronic character. The reasons provoking its development, can be disruption of the functioning of the vascular, immune, and endocrine systems.

From the spread of redness on the face will help to cope with some folk recipes.

Leaves of cabbage (a sauerkraut) are effective. It is recommended to apply them for about twenty minutes to problem areas, and then rinse your face with water.

One of the popular folk remedies is the decoction of birch buds. Effective wiping and lotion with its use.

It is also recommended to use a lotion based on watermelon or cucumber juice and high-alcohol alcohol.

There is also a variety of red spots - vascular skin lesions. This group includes nevi and hemangiomas. They, in turn, are divided into species.

Nevuses (birthmarks) can be pigmented. They are formed by the corresponding cells located in the epidermis. This kind of spots can have a red to dark brown color. As a rule, such formations have clear outlines.

Vascular spots are characterized by skin coloring in an uneven red color. They are formed as a result of capillary expansion.

Among hemangiomas most often on the face developscapillary appearance. Bright spots of a shade of red wine are localized on one side asymmetrically and express the expansion of blood vessels. Developing, such formations can become denser.

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