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Petechia - red dots on the face

Petechiae are spotted hemorrhages in the mucous membranesshells or skin. As a result, small spots are formed, whose diameter is about two millimeters. This phenomenon is due to the fact that red blood cells penetrate the walls of the capillaries.

Red dots on the face

When the disease is just beginning, these pointshave a bright red color. Over time, they brown. Such formations are on the same level with the skin and are not palpable. From petals, petechiae differ in that they do not disappear when you press them with your finger.

Petechia can look like red dots onface. They can appear in typhus, purpura, septicemia, smallpox, verhlophic disease, scurvy. When examining patients with these diseases, red dots on the face were always observed, which had a pink color and did not disappear after pressing with a finger, and after a time they acquired a brown color.

Petechias are primary and secondary. At primary red currents on the face disappear after a few days. First, their outlines become blurred, the color dims, and then they completely cease to be visible.

Red dots on the face of the child

Sometimes red dots on the face can get a greenish shade and become covered with pus with pus. This is typical for recurrent fever and is rare.

The size of the petechiae is less than that of the rose petalsspots, and appear not so intensely. Sometimes the red dots on the face of a child can be mistaken for insect bites. But an experienced doctor immediately recognizes petechiae. They are accompanied by a hemorrhage of vessels in the skin without ruptures, so often this symptom is not taken into account.

Secondary petechiae characterized by the fact thatblood corpuscles leak into adjacent tissues. This phenomenon does not disappear if you press your finger. Thus, the roseous stains always turn into secondary petechiae. People of all ages can suffer from this phenomenon. Getting rid of petechiae is as easy as getting rid of pores on your face, it will not work if they do not go away by themselves. In this case, only surgical intervention will help.

How to get rid of pores on the face

This procedure is of a cosmetic nature and can not give a complete guarantee of excluding the reappearance of petechiae.

Most often, petechiae appear due to injuries andblows. On the face they can arise because of a strong cough, vomiting. This is quite common in children. To serve the reason for the appearance of red spots can also be strong pressure, the laying of a tourniquet. In these cases, petechiae pass alone for several days. They are not a symptom of the disease and are not dangerous to health.

However, in some cases, petechiae can talk about thrombocytopenia. This condition can be associated with the use of specific drugs or the presence of an infection in the body.

Red spots can also form due tobleeding disorders. Such diseases as systemic lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Wegener's granulomatosis, infective endocarditis, periarteritis, hypercorticism, scurvy may also be accompanied by the appearance of petechiae.

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