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Why on the face there are pigmentary stains: the most probable reasons

Why does the appearance of pigmentation spots appear on the face? The presented question is of particular interest to those representatives of the weaker sex who periodically experience such a non-aesthetic phenomenon. And this is no accident, since the abnormal pigmentation of the skin is typically a female problem.

why on the face there are pigmentary stains

It is worth mentioning that quite a fewgirls do not address this trouble to doctors and are not interested in why the appearance of pigment spots on their face. After all, most of them naively believe that this phenomenon is associated exclusively with the skin condition. That is why almost all women who face the presented problem, try to get rid of it on their own, using various cosmetic means for this. But the reasons for the appearance of pigment spots on the face, there is a huge amount, and the most part of them is directly related to the state of the female body.

What are age spots?

there were age spots on the face

Surely everyone has heard that in layersepidermis contains a special substance called "melanin." It is responsible for coloring the skin in one color or another. In some cases, the amount of this element increases sharply, which leads to the appearance of dark spots. If the melanin does not accumulate very much, then only small dots of light yellow color appear, which do not attract special attention (for example, freckles, birthmarks, etc.). And in the event that such a substance is deposited in more significant quantities, then on the surface of the skin can be seen with the naked eye large and medium-sized patches of a dark brownish hue. It is these deviations that concern the fairer sex most of all.

Why on the face there are pigmentary stains: the probable reasons

1. Pregnancy. Quite often, the pigmentation of the skin is observed in those women who are in an "interesting" position. And it is worth noting that natural brunettes are more prone to such an unpleasant rejection than girls with fair skin and hair. In people, this pigmentation is called a "mask of pregnant women". Usually, it appears in the summer under the influence of the intense sun, and disappears literally a couple of months after childbirth.

pigment spots on the face reviews

2. Contraceptives. Taking oral contraceptives in high doses can also cause girls to develop pigment spots on their face. Feedback on such drugs with a side effect is desirable to see before they are taken, since such contraceptives can lead you to a small hormonal imbalance.

3. The sun. If you have pigmented spots on your face after you have been in the sun for a long time, then this phenomenon can be called a phototoxic reaction.

4. Hepatic or senile spots. As a rule, lentigo appears in people over 65 years of age in open areas of the body.

5. Seborrheic keratosis. Most often, such a pathology occurs in adults and is characterized by the fact that the brownish spots have a fat crust that resembles a drop of melted wax that accidentally falls on the skin.

6. Hyperpigmentation. There are many reasons for this deviation (from strong tanning to drug side effects).

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