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Pressure high - hypertension possible

If a person periodically observes a highpressure, then he should consult a doctor, since this symptom is the main one for such a disease as hypertension. In itself, not a very large increase in blood pressure is not very dangerous, however, if it is available continuously, it can very well lead to the development of serious complications.

High pressure

Causes of high blood pressure maybe different. For today it is accepted to allocate so-called essential and secondary hypertension. The first option assumes the absence of any precisely proven reason. By the way, essential arterial hypertension is diagnosed as a diagnosis in 90% of cases when a constant high pressure is observed. Secondary hypertension often occurs when the increase in pressure is due to an already existing disease. Most often we are talking about kidney pathology.

Arterial hypertension is difficult enoughis treatable. In many respects this is due to the uncertainty of the reasons for its occurrence. At the same time it is reliably known that high pressure is very often found in obese people. Each dropped kilogram can reduce it by 1 mm Hg. As a result, if a person with hypertension is overweight, then, in the first place, he should do exactly the normalization of his body weight,

Causes of high blood pressure
because this is the most physiological and effective measure.

In addition, if the pressure is high, then the patientdo not abuse salt. Do not consume more than 5 grams of salt per day. Even better, if you can reduce its consumption to 3 grams per day. Also, patients, for whom hypodynamia is typical, it is recommended to engage in physical education. Naturally, this takes into account the functional capabilities of the person. Such methods are often very effective if the patient has the first degree of arterial hypertension. When the disease reaches the 2nd and especially the 3rd degree, then it is necessary to use special antihypertensive agents. In this case, high-pressure treatment usually begins with a single drug (ACE inhibitors are especially common, which, however, are contraindicated in pregnant women). In more severe cases, a combination of drugs is recommended.

Treatment of high blood pressure

In the event that the pressure is high,try to return it to normal level, since uncompensated hypertension promises a huge number of all sorts of complications. In this case, small vessels are often affected, which is manifested in progressive loss of vision, as well as growing problems with the kidneys. In addition, the risk of various strokes, aneurysms and heart attacks increases. Constantly experiencing increased pressure, the vessels gradually become more and more dense and eventually weaker response to treatment with medications. It is for this reason, if the pressure is high, it is necessary to try to reduce it to a normal level (less than 140/90 mm Hg).

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