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The knee is hurt? The most common causes and methods of treatment

Agree that the picture, when an elderly persongoes, holding his wand, no one will surprise. Everyone understands that time does not add ease to gait. But sometimes there are aching pains in the knees of very young people. This can signal serious health problems. And then many, being at a doctor's reception, answer the question about specific complaints: "My knee is constantly hurting." How to determine the cause and make an accurate diagnosis? Is complete cure possible without complications and consequences? This and many other things will be discussed in the article.

the knee is hurt

Do you have a knee pain? To make an accurate diagnosis, go through a complete examination

Undoubtedly, the only way to treat all diseasesthis joint is not present. Only after the exact diagnosis is made the doctor will be able to appoint rehabilitation measures appropriate to each particular case. And for this, the patient needs to undergo a complete examination, which can consist of:

  • X-ray;
  • arthroscopy (examination with an arthroscope of the inner surface of the joint);
  • MRI (magnetic resonance tomography);
  • CT scan (computed tomography).

Of particular importance is timeliness and speedthe passage of the above procedures for injuries of the knee joint. At all it is not necessary to be engaged in similar situations by a selftreatment, using advertised preparations. This can only aggravate the situation in which the disease will become chronic. There may be irreversible consequences requiring surgical intervention.

Why does the knee hurt? Common causes

acute pain in the knees


  • Damage to the meniscus. Occurs when a sharp, awkward spread, expressed in the separation of parts of the rounded cartilage.
  • Injury. It is connected with mechanical influence. It is accompanied by a strong edema of nearby tissues.
  • Ligament rupture. Occurs after an unsuccessful fall.
  • Dislocation of the patella. Trauma is most typical for athletes and dancers. Often the patella turns on independently, but with damage, the displacement can periodically spontaneously repeat.

Inflammatory diseases

  • Synovitis. The fluid accumulates in the internal cavity of the joint, causing inflammation. Any movement of the foot becomes very heavy. If the disease is started, there is a danger of its transition to a deforming arthrosis.
  • Bursitis. The bag surrounding the joint is swollen and inflamed, there is a focal temperature increase. In the absence of timely treatment atrophy of the muscles surrounding the affected area.

Deforming diseases

  • Osteoarthritis. Constant acute pains in the knees lead to a gradual deformation of the joints.
  • Arthritis. Usually, both knees are affected simultaneously. They blush and swell. There is destruction of the internal cartilage, which turns into deformation.

knee pain in the knees
What should I do if my knee hurts? Treatment Options

Measures prescribed by a rheumatologist may consist ofas from an operative intervention (joint management, plaster casting, injection into the affected area, etc.), and to have a conservative character (intake of herbal infusions, externally and internally, a drug course, etc.). The most important thing is to seek help from a specialist in time with the first problems with your legs!

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