/ / The child has a stomach ache in the navel: reasons and first aid

The baby has a stomach ache in the navel: causes and first aid

Sometimes parents do not know why a child hurtsbelly in the navel. If your baby complains of pain in this place, then there are enough reasons for concern. Painful sensations in this zone can indicate the presence of many serious diseases and violations of the integrity of the body, from the presence of worms and ending with inflammatory processes of the abdominal cavity.

The baby has a stomach ache in the navel

If the baby has a stomach ache in the navel area, thentry to find out the nature of the pain (aching, dull, sharp) and its localization. This will help you with further treatment. Let's find out more about the nature and consequences of such a symptom.

Abdominal pain hurts near the navel: causes

The most common diseases that have this feature:

  1. Intestinal hernia. Provocators may be constipation, dyspepsia, diarrhea and dysbiosis. Pain in the navel area causes spasm of muscles in the muscles of the intestine. The harder they clamp, the more painful it will be.

  2. Intervertebral hernia. Our spine is like a "storeroom", because it is in it that all the conductors of nerve impulses are. It consists of bones, which are called vertebrae. They

    My belly aches near the navel
    are connected with each other by small muscles and ligaments,cartilaginous pads. They are also called intervertebral discs. They serve as shock absorbers for walking and during various movements. But sometimes the walls of these cartilages can become thin and tear. You ask: "Why does the stomach ache in this case?" The answer is extremely simple: the disorder occurs in the lumbar region, namely, nerves that provide sensitivity and innervation of the abdominal cavity, which provokes pain.

  3. Umbilical hernia. Another reason, because of which the child has a stomach ache in the navel. This disease occurs most often in children who are very strong and often cry.

  4. Appendicitis. If the pain is accompanied by high fever, it is possible to assume that your baby has this ailment. The appendix may have a rather long shape and abut the loops of the small intestine, so that the pain near the navel can be felt in the child.

  5. The release of stones from the kidneys. Even children have such pathologies. This formation, leaving the organs, strongly irritates the walls of the bile ducts and ureters, which causes spasm and pain.

  6. Turn of the small intestine and all kinds of etiology of the intestine.

Why does my stomach hurt?
The baby has a painfrom the navel: what should I do?

When your child complains about such a symptom, thenIt is worth throwing everything on its own accord and hoping that by morning it will pass itself. In the abdomen are vital organs: intestines, stomach, liver, pancreas. If it is not serious to treat such complaints of the baby, it will lead to serious consequences. First, call the ambulance. If the child has a strong stomach ache in the navel, give an anesthetic and place the baby on the back. Then bend his knees. It is desirable to put a thick pillow under the head. This position promotes maximum relaxation of muscles, which will help to relieve spasm. And remember, dear parents, that amateur performance in such cases is simply out of place - medical help is compulsory.

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