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Preparation "Terfenadin": instructions for use

What is required for such a tool asTerfenadin? Instructions for use, price, reviews, as well as the therapeutic purpose of this medication are indicated below. In addition, this article provides information on the characteristics of the drug, its analogs and contraindications.

terfenadin instructions for use

The form of release and the constituent components of the facility

In what form is the medicament madeTerfenadin? Instructions for use say that this medicine can be purchased in the form of tablets that contain an active ingredient such as terfenadine. In addition, the agent in question is released in the form of a suspension for oral administration, a syrup and a crystalline powder for preparing the solution.

Features of the drug

What is the drug Terfenadin? Instruction for use claims that it is an antihistamine. It is able to selectively block peripheral H1-histamine receptors, as well as prevent the expansion of capillaries and increase their permeability, spasms of smooth muscles, including bronchoconstriction in people with asthma, the development of erythema, angioedema and itching.

The effect after the application of this drug manifests itself after two hours and reaches its maximum after four. At the same time, it lasts more than half a day.

With allergic rhinitis, this drug facilitates and reduces the frequency of sneezing, and also reduces itching, rhinorrhea and lacrimation.

Other medicament properties

What is remarkable about such a tool asTerfenadin? Instructions for use (the price of the medication is indicated below) states that this drug has a mild anticholinergic effect, and also blocks the channels (potassium) of cardiomyocytes and weakens the severity of bronchospasm.

terfenadin instructions for use price

A significant increase in terfenadine in the blood may be accompanied by prolonged QT and the development of serious complications from the heart.

Kinetic capacity

How quickly is the drug "Terfenadin" absorbed? Instruction for use says that this drug is absorbed from the digestive tract very quickly. It is determined in the blood plasma after 30 minutes.

This drug is associated with plasma proteins by 97%. It is actively metabolized in the liver with the formation of two metabolites.

The drug "Terfenadine" is equally effective for all groups of patients, regardless of their age.


In what cases is the drug Terfenadin prescribed? Instruction for use reports that this remedy is highly effective in seasonal allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, chronic idiopathic urticaria, atopic eczema, contact dermatitis, rash and itching caused by liver damage. Also, this medication is prescribed for angioedema, allergic reactions caused by drugs, insect bites and food, bronchial asthma and colds (only in combination therapy).

In addition, this drug is often used for the prevention of allergies, which is manifested by the introduction of radiopaque means.

terfenadin instructions for use price review

Prohibitions for appointment

The drug "Terfenadin" is contraindicated in receivinghypersensitivity, hypokalemia, hypomagnesemia, prolongation of the QT interval on the ECG, pronounced violations in the liver and in childhood (for the tablet form - up to six years, and for the suspension - up to three years).

The preparation "Terfenadin": instructions for use

Analogues of this medication are listed below.

This remedy is administered to adults and children of twelve years, 60 mg twice a day or 120 mg once a day. The greatest amount of the drug taken within 24 hours is 480 mg.

Children 6-12 years of age this medication is prescribed for 30 mg twice a day, and children 3-5 years give a suspension in a dosage of 15 mg twice a day.

Side effects

In the process of treatment with the drug "Terfenadin" patients may experience such adverse reactions as:

  • weakness, palpitation, headache, QT interval elongation, dizziness;
  • ventricular tachyarrhythmia, sleep disturbance, extrasystole, drowsiness, ventricular fibrillation, nervousness;
  • depression, cardiac arrest, fever, hypotension, hematopoiesis, fainting;
  • thrombocytopenia, convulsions, dryness of the oral mucosa, paresthesia, increased appetite, impaired vision, dyspeptic phenomena;
  • spasm of the bronchi, nausea, dryness of the mucous membranes of the nose and throat, vomiting, cough, abdominal discomfort, sore throat;

terfenadine instructions for use analogues

  • change in stool frequency, epistaxis, cholestasis, frequent urination, jaundice, dysmenorrhea, hepatitis;
  • tremor, rash, hives, eczema, photosensitivity, thinning of hair, angioedema, alopecia;
  • galactorrhea, anaphylaxis, sweating.

Analogues, price, reviews

Analogues of the drug in question are Treksil and Bronal. The price of this medicine is about 190-215 rubles for 10 tablets.

Reviews about the drug "Terfenadin" in the mainpositive. Patients claim that this remedy copes well with various allergic reactions. The minuses of this drug include the presence of side effects.

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