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There was a strong palpitation. What to do and how to calm the heart?

There is such a famous song about the heart that does notwant peace, and in life that's exactly what happens. Quite suddenly, at the most unexpected moment, the heart can begin to pound desperately. The number of strokes can not be counted, they are so fast. At such moments involuntarily rolling wave of fear, the body becomes covered with a cold sweat, a lump comes up to the throat and it becomes hard to breathe. A terrible sensation that needs to be got rid of, so much so that it never disturbs us. In medicine - tachycardia, and in the people - just a strong heartbeat. What should I do and how can I cope with this problem?

If the heartbeat begins, beforeeverything is worth settling down, sitting down or lying down. We can say that this is a certain signal from the body that it simply needs rest. Also it is worth trying to apply the vagal method, which is expressed in the inclusion of control (stimulation of the vagus nerve). To do this, you need to take a strong breath and try to push the air as deeply as possible into yourself. Massaging the carotid artery, you can also calm down your heartbeat. What if the person does not know how to do this massage? Seek advice from a specialist. He will tell you how much force you need to press on the artery and show the right points. It is massaged below, under the jaw, and at the junction with the cervical artery.

The immersion reflex can be used. For this it is necessary to collect cold water in the pelvis and immerse the face in it for a minute or two. Such a reflex works very well in mammals, which make immersions to a great depth, into cold water layers, and they automatically slow their heart rate. Try this natural way of protecting your heart and brain.

If you abuse coffee, strong tea or,worse, with liquor, then simply inevitably frequent and strong heartbeat. What to do in these cases? The best solution is a complete exclusion or serious restriction in the use of these substances. The same recommendations apply to chocolate, cola and other types of body stimulants, which most horribly affect the work of the heart. An increased heart rate can be the result of various stresses and poor nutrition. Smoking is also one of the serious reasons for which a strong palpitation may occur.

What to do in order to preventthe possibility of this dangerous and unpleasant state? It is necessary to use not only tasty, but healthy food. There are as few sweets as possible, do not drink soda, observe the appropriate regime. Do not gorge yourself once a day, but divide meals several times, so as not to overload the heart. To strengthen the heart muscle, you can go jogging, gymnastics, do a morning workout. Try not to succumb to stress and relax more often. Arriving home after a hard day, you can turn on a nice quiet music and just relax. Believe me, this will be the best medicine.

Constant stress, rush and fast pacedmodern life - these are the reasons that result in increased heart rate. Take magnesium - this is the best defender of the "engine" of the body, which, alas, is not eternal. It promotes heart relaxations and contractions and makes the main "motor" hardy.

If the heartbeat is elevated, you can turn toto folk medicine. Every time the heart starts to accelerate its pace, take herbal infusion, prepared in advance. It is necessary to brew a motherwort, caraway seeds, fennel seeds and valerian in equal parts. You can drink it for preventive purposes. Have more rest and take care of your restless and only heart, if it asked for help, then you need to give it to him.

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