/ Worried about frequent heartbeats? Reasons to find out!

Worry about frequent heartbeats? Reasons to find out!

When frequent heartbeats occur, the causesThis phenomenon can be different: both physiological and pathological. Everyone knows that the pulse "jumps", for example, in the process of intensive work or gymnastic exercises. Also, the intensity of the heartbeat in a person increases in an emotional state.

frequent heartbeat causes
Among other things, different substances canaccelerate the pulse, for example, the drug Citramon, strong tea or coffee. Basically, after the physiological cause is eliminated, the work of the main human organ is normalized.

Frequent heartbeat: Causes

As mentioned earlier, some cases of accelerationpulse are temporary. The rhythm of the heart returns to normal as soon as external stimuli are excluded. But sometimes it happens that frequent heartbeats signal a danger to health. Such a situation can be caused by the following factors:

- excitement and fear;

- use of certain medications;

frequent palpitations at night

- excessive intake of stimulants, for example caffeine;

- fever;

- allergic reaction;

- Anemia;

- Hyperfunction of the thyroid gland;

- Deficiency of oxygen in the bloodstream.

Let's consider some cases of why a person's heartbeats are frequent.

Diseases of an infectious nature and thyroid gland

In case of infection of the body with an infection,the heart rate increases. At the same time, deviations from the norm occur in the main organ of the person, and the blood is pumped with greater intensity. Due to the fact that a large number of toxins enter the blood vessels, the body temperature rises. Such infectious diseases, such as measles and diphtheria, cause complications in the work of the heart.

Rapid pulse can also signalabnormalities in the thyroid gland. In the work of this organ, patients often react painfully to climatic changes, get irritated for no reason, sweat, experience headaches, which, in combination or individually, leads to a rapid increase in heart rate.

Psychological factors

If frequent heartbeats occur, the reasons for this may include psychogenic

why frequent heartbeats
deviations. In some cases, even specialist intervention is required. This problem will help to solve the therapist. The widespread fears of people being "crazy" often become an obstacle to getting medical care. Many do not understand that insanity and mental disorder are different states. Because of the latter, tachycardia can develop, which can be easily eliminated by identifying the disease in time.

Diagnosis of causes

If you are overwhelmed by frequent heartbeats at night orin the afternoon without the obvious reasons, it is necessary not to delay with visit to the cardiologist. The doctor will check the pulse, assess its pace, strength, rhythm. Also, the doctor will prescribe an electrocardiogram, ultrasound, a heart X-ray, echocardiography. In case of suspicion of the occurrence of an inflammatory reaction in the body, an analysis of the tests under laboratory conditions is carried out.

Of course, if there is frequent heartbeat, the reasons can be different. But in any case, it is necessary to conduct a course of therapy identified in the diagnosis of the disease.

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