/ When does pain in the right upper quadrant give in the back?

When pain in the right upper quadrant gives in the back?

Have not you been to the hospital for a long time? Do not you doubt your health? Are you 100% sure? Well, it's wonderful that nothing disturbs, and life proceeds without pain symptoms. But sometimes there is some uncomfortable sensation in the form of aching pain. What to do? Of course, you need to go to the hospital and check your health. Painful symptoms are different. On some, we do not pay attention at all, and others make us pretty tormented. And I would like today to talk about such a phenomenon as pain in the right hypochondrium, what to do when she gives in the back?

Pain in the right upper quadrant gives in the back
What can this be in the right hypochondriumour body? If you studied the human anatomy in school, you should know that it is in the right side that one of the most important organs of vital activity is located - the liver. Here it is in most cases the initiator of pain in the right hypochondrium. With cholecystitis liver pain in the right upper quadrant gives back and even under the shoulder blade. All this is remediable and cured quickly enough, you just need to come to the doctor, check, and he will prescribe you a cure. And this is not so terrible in comparison with other causes of the onset of symptoms. There are more unpleasant things in which not only the liver, but the entire body, suffers.

Hepatitis. They are of three kinds. This hepatitis is alcoholic, toxic and viral. All three types of disease can occur in both acute and chronic forms. It is in the chronic phase that aching pain in the right upper quadrant gives in the back, under the shoulder blade, and sometimes breaks the joints of the hands and even the feet. In this case, you need to immediately contact a specialist infectionist and conduct the necessary examination. In the acute phase, joint aches do not arise, but here the question arises of immediate hospitalization of the patient, as the life of the patient is in danger. The skin of a person turns yellow, the temperature rises, while the liver throws a huge portion of bilirubin into the body. Timely care and treatment will also remove dangerous inflammation.

Pain in the left hypochondrium gives in the back
There are many diagnoses. So, the pancreas can provoke such a symptom when the pain in the right hypochondrium gives in the back. The gall bladder can also lead to this symptom, it is a kind of filter for the transfer of bile from the liver to the duodenum. Dyskinesia of this organ causes unpleasant sensations and even unbearable pains. Pain in the right hypochondrium gives into the back with bruises, fractures and neuroses. A similar situation can occur on the left side of the hypochondrium of the body. Similar symptoms of the same pain do not talk about the same diseases. For example, when pain in the left hypochondrium gives in the back, it can signal problems with the heart, inflammation of the spleen, stomach and bowel diseases, etc.

Aching pain in the right hypochondrium
Of course, you can talk about it as much as you want andsimilar phenomena. After all, man is not a machine, and is created from blood and flesh. And any disease is peculiarly reflected in the state of our health. Do not wait for the pain to come to dominate you.

And if suddenly aching pain in the right hypochondrium caught you off guard, do not despair, but just go with this problem to the doctor.

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