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What is on the right under the ribs, not everyone knows, but it is very important!

About what is under the ribs on the right, knowsnot every one of us. We often suffer, feeling pain in the right hypochondrium during movement, but we do not know the cause of such a malaise. We feel colic in the side from overeating or fast walking, but we do not take any measures.

that is in the right hypochondrium

Pain in the right hypochondrium should be treated very carefully

In order to find out what is on the rightribs, it is necessary to look through the books on anatomy, or consult with specialists. There are such internal organs as the liver, gall bladder, intestine, pancreas and right side of the diaphragm. The disease of any of these organs is manifested by the manifestation of symptoms. One of them can be pain in the liver, the reasons for which are varied so much that their list contains more than a dozen items. The nature of pain differs - it can be acute or chronic, stitching or pulling. But it is she who, in the end, makes a man wonder about what is on the right under the ribs.

Diseases of the liver and the manifestation of symptoms

Metabolism in the human bodyis largely due to the work of the liver. Also, the liver filters the blood, promotes the formation and secretion of bile. In it, enzymes are formed, it maintains the level of sugar in the blood. Due to the fact that this body performs a lot of functions in the human body, it is often prone to various diseases. One of the most common causes of the manifestation of pain in the liver is the defeat of viruses. This can lead to more serious illnesses if you do not start treatment in time. Procrastination in this case is fraught with the development of hepatitis of various groups, rapid aging of the liver or the development of cancer of this organ.

pain in the right hypochondrium during movement

It does not matter whether you know or not about what is on the right under the ribs

If there is colic or pain,immediately consult a doctor. People of any age are familiar with aching or dull pain under the ribs on the right side. Many people ask themselves the question: "What is on the right under the ribs?" - but not everyone is ready to find the answer. This is very unfortunate. Inflammatory processes in the liver can contribute to the appearance of pain or discomfort. If you find any pain in the liver, you should immediately consult a doctor or call an ambulance if the pain becomes unbearable. To endure such pain is by no means impossible, because it is a kind of impulse through which our body tells us that something is wrong, that one should pay attention to one's health. This will help to avoid more serious problems.

pain in the liver of the cause

Possible symptoms of hepatitis

The most common liver diseaseis hepatitis. His symptoms are quite diverse. More common are such as liver pain, lack of appetite, apathy, headache and weakness, discoloration of urine, yellowing of the skin and mucous membranes of the eyes. If they are found, consult a doctor. Do not risk your health! Heal until it's too late!

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