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Beauty lessons: how to straighten hair without a straightener

Very often, girls find faults in themselves andthey decide on desperate deeds, experimenting with their appearance. Female representatives with curly hair have an eternal problem with their straightening. Fortunately or not, today you can buy an ironing pad for this procedure and use it at least several times a day. But is it good for our hair? How to straighten hair without a straightener? It's real and simple, after the procedure, the hairdo will be perfect without harming your health.

how to straighten hair without a straightener

First you need to buy the necessaryinstruments. Today in any hairdresser or specialized store you can buy special hair products. The difference in price is small, but in quality - huge. Still wondering how to straighten hair without an erector? Then remember. Shampoo, balm, cream, spray, conditioner - all this will help to bring the dream to life (of course, you need to purchase special tools for our task). Then we regularly apply makeup to damp hair, so that it penetrates deeply into their structure. But do not overdo it, there is a limit to everything. Well, now the main savior is the hair dryer - the best hair straightener. It will help to achieve the desired result, and with the appearance of cool air and will be completely useful, without damaging our "treasure".

flat hair iron

To make the stacking effective, dividehair on small parts. Each of them carefully dry the hair dryer, the ends can be twisted by a round comb. Stretch strands in turns, giving each due attention. The thickness of the brush depends on the length of the hair. Perhaps the first time you will not get the most beautiful hairstyle in the world, but do not get upset: the main thing is practice.

How to straighten hair without an erector in case,if they are not too curly? It is possible to do this without using a hairdryer. To do this, you just need to stock up on the "right" cosmetic products that will suit your hair type. Professionals recommend using the complex, it is more effective, and the result remains for a long time. Notice, if the hair is colored, the means can act weakly, and you will think that you have been deceived. To prevent this from happening, do not despair and try again and again. One day you will find what you need.

the best hair straightener

There are other ways to straighten hair withoutrectifier. For example, frequent use of highly vitaminized masks from oils (the most effective: burdock, olive and castor). They should be applied along the entire length of the hairstyle, each hair will absorb all the useful substances, and as a result, it will become heavier and will stretch.

If the girl can not refuseuse of the rectifier, it is only her choice. It is believed that they are very harmful, and after their impact, little can be changed. But professionals assure that the hair iron "Rovent" functions in a gentle mode and as carefully as possible treats the hair. And curly it is worth remembering that other girls, not as happy as they are, are ready all night to sleep on curlers to get beautiful curls. Or maybe you should not touch what nature has generously endowed?

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