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Wax for hair

Currently, fashion for hairstyles is verydiverse, this in no small measure contributes to a huge number of different packing means. Every girl and woman now can look beautiful and original both with a classical hairdo and extravagant. For example, only those who belonged to a special youth culture used to wear thrash hairstyles, now those who follow all fashionable modern trends become owners of this trend of hairstyles. As already mentioned, many money are being used to create them at the moment. One of the most popular is hair wax. Many have heard of this tool, but not everyone knows how to use it correctly and what are the advantages of using it.

Throughout all ages, the woman has tried in herselfsomething to change, the owner of curls tried to always straighten them, and the one that had straight hair, tried to create curls. So it was before, nothing has changed now. As practice shows, straightening your hair is much harder than creating curls from them. Many for this purpose use special rectifiers, but only frequent heat treatment has the property to harm the hair. Specialists do not recommend very often to resort to straightening ironing.

There is a simpler method of straightening -use hair wax. An analogue of this remedy was used in Egypt. At that time, the hair was covered with molten wax in order to provide them with a long and reliable protection against dust, dirt and insects.

At present, many people use this data.means. The reason is that the wax for the hair as a result gives a more lasting effect. But most importantly, during use, it has a curative and restorative effect on the hair. When applying the product to the hair, it gently envelops them, moisturizes and nourishes them. On the surface of the fat is formed, which, just like in ancient times, protects the hair from burning, dust and unpleasant sunlight. The product is perfectly washed off with warm water, so there is no problem with this.

Many do not know how to use wax forhair, to achieve the desired result, straighten and make the hair look natural and not stuck together. The main thing is to keep a reasonable dosage. The smaller the amount applied, the more aesthetic will be the appearance.

Stylists tend to apply hair waxexclusively with the help of hands. Take a small amount of money, rubbed between the palms, a little warmed up, and then very evenly distributed along the strands, preferably along the entire length. It is interesting that this technique makes it possible not only to straighten hair, but, on the contrary, to make beautiful curls. With this product hair can be given almost any architectural form. After the product dries, the hair is securely fixed in the desired position.

In order to apply the wax evenly,it is recommended to use the comb. Another tip - to cover the hair is better than wet, then in the drying process it will be easier to make the styling. When creating steep curls, the product is applied to dry hair, then the curlers are wound and slightly dried with a hair dryer. After removing the devices, the curls must be straightened with your hands.

There is also a liquid hair wax - a spray. It is used in the case if the hairstyle is very curly hair and very hard. Such a tool softens the hair and is distributed along the entire length much easier.

As for the length of the hair, it can be said thatlong in fashion will always be. From them you can make any images and hairstyles, starting with ordinary braids and ending with thrash. By the way, the newfangled weaving of hair also does not do without the use of wax.

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