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Tips for girls: how to straighten hair without ironing

How to straighten hair without ironing? A question of interest to a rather large numbergirls all over the world. Why is it so relevant? First of all, because the beautiful half of humanity is always dissatisfied with something. That hair is not curly, the skin does not take the desired color of the tan - and everything in this spirit. Men simply can not understand all the women's issues and claims, so in most cases they just wave it off and say that "women are women." And they are right in something! After all, those girls who by nature have straight hair, want to curl them, and the owners of curls wonder how to straighten hair forever. The paradox is there, but life is life. And in our today's article we will tell you about how to straighten hair without ironing, and also about how safe this procedure is.

how to straighten hair without ironing,
First, let's talk about security. Of course, it's not that you can get burned. Naturally, we are talking about the safety of the process in terms of the structure of the hair. After ironing is a technical device, curling and straightening curls under the influence of steam and high temperatures. And, accordingly, it is not necessary to declare that the process will be absolutely safe. If you are wondering "how to straighten your hair", then you need to consider several options, and do not stop immediately on ironing, since even the newest technique can ruin the curls in a matter of days. To think about this is primarily for those who are not naturally endowed with thick and thick hair. Thin curls under the influence of high temperatures can collapse in a couple of days, so you will simply lose a part of them. Therefore, ironing is recommended only to those who are confident in the structure of their curls and that they will withstand any test.

how to straighten your hair forever
What to do to those who also ask the question "howstraighten hair without ironing, "but does not know of any other ways than using this popular device, we offer one simple option - using a hair dryer." It's not necessary to be a professional: a stylist or a hairdresser. "The meaning of the procedure is that the hair in wet condition succumbs to any And straightening is part of it, just "not finished to the end." That's why such advice is a good alternative for girls with a thin head of hair.

If we talk in more detail about this procedure, thenfor it you need to wash your head and lightly dry it with a towel or a hairdryer. Next, we begin to wind the strands on the comb and dry them with a hair dryer. But do not forget about them. Once you see that the strands have dried, we start to pull the hair a little from the roots and to the ground, removing them from the comb. After a couple of tricks you get smooth hair and effect, as if using iron.

how to straighten your hair
You learned how to straighten hair without ironing. But this is only one of the possible ways. Another tip - try using a special mousse or wax. That the one that the other has the ability to weight the curls, making them straight. But jewelry precision is required here, because if you squeeze too much mousse or wax, your hair will look untidy. That's why you need to measure the right amount with the utmost care. Apply the substance on clean and well-dried hair. Pass them through the palm of your hand, helping the mousse spread along the entire length. Then wait a few minutes for the action to begin. As soon as the hair has become soft and docile, comb it and (if necessary) dry it with a hair dryer.

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